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    Discography flyer

    I'm thinking about creating a flyer for the entire discography. On top would be the FIXX's new logo, and beneath it, a medium sized thumbnail of Want That Life, and below that, thumbnails of the covers of all past FIXX releases (with the titles under each thumbnail). I was thinking of putting the words "STILL AROUND" somewhere on the flyer, indicating that the band is actively writing and touring. I thought this would be a good flyer to distribute to record shops (what better place to remind people to go look in the "F" section). The page would be bordered with song titles of their singles.

    With this flyer, their whole catalogue gets some press, with emphasis on the newest release.

    I'll post a link to the image when it's ready. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    Smile Great Idea

    Hello Tenohtwo,

    Great idea about the "Still Around" I have been thinking that The Fixx need to emphasize the fact that they are still making music past Reach The Beach.

    Nice idea!


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    Sounds great, maybe we could also include details on the fly like, webpage, some song titles, etc..... How that sound???


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