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Thread: It has been a long time

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    Wink It has been a long time

    This one goes to Jamie, thanks for the conversation. I can not believe it has been over 20 years since I have talked with you. Happy Birthday to your son.

    I just have been living in another world where concerts of quality never reach me. The last show I have been to was in 1990 I think. Living on an Indian Reservation and being a full-time student plus raising two adolescent boys makes life a different reality.

    Well, if your ever in Montana, check in with me and I will give you a guided tour. I hope you like the wilderness!!!! Lions, Bears, Coyotes, Snakes. It was very nice to hear your voice. Have a great tour. Regards Debbie from Montana
    Debbie from Montana

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    I don't get it... what is this poll all about???
    "You NO Me" - Kat

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    Welcome to the Board Debbie ...


    P.S. if you would like to join our street team email me and i will get back with you.. You can also check out our forum called "The Flow"

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    The Answer to the poll

    Well everyone, thanks for your personal replys'. I quess you had to be there to know the answer to my poll. I can not remember the exact date but back in the 1980's. Tammy from Tampa and myself found ourselves jet setting across the tundra to Canada to see the Fixx. We arrived in Montreal, Canada and took a train to the city of Quebec. In our minds we were at the right place at the right time. The next morning, we realized we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tammy and I ran to the bus station and headed a few hours on a smelly transit bus towards the city of Ottawa. When we arrived to the concert hall, The Fixx had just stepped off stage and we missed the show. The next show was to be in Toronto, Canada at Kings something. Anyway, the band and roadcrew invited us to tag along. After the show in Toronto, we went backstage where the party was. I looked up, and the whole ceiling was filled with flies. Guess you had to have been there. So, the answer is Toronto, Canada. Talk with you later. Deb from Montana
    Debbie from Montana

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    How did you get into The Fixx ?

    { ah.. Do you know what I mean.

    Did someone intro. you to their music, or was it because of the Radio ?

    That's is if you don't mind me ah pry'n... ..

    I was to little to be into music then I was all about rollercoasters, Soda Pop and staying up past my Bed Time.

    HmMm.. not much has changed !

    I called Times 0ut !

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