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Thread: Who do you like besides the Fixx??

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    Nice to see Hall and Oates, a-ha, Gowan and Saga appear on lists - sometimes you feel quite isolated.

    My tastes are all over the map too, although I'm also an 80s child. I'm a dancer, which will explain some of my choices:

    Jazz & Blues: (I'm still getting educated) Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Dr. John, Buddy Guy and pretty much any big band. I also have a big thing for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    70s: The Eagles, Kansas, Styx, Billy Joel, Doobie Brothers, Burton Cummings, Barry Manilow, Bee Gees, Elton John, BTO, Queen, Supertramp, Trooper, and a lot of the Funk/R&B/Disco stuff of that era,

    80s: Pat Benetar, The Eurythmics, Prince, Platinum Blonde, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Rush, early Richard Marx, early INXS, The Nylons, Toto, Triumph, Don Henley, Red Rider, early Phil Collins, Def Lepard, Foriegner, Journey, Kenny Loggins, Loverboy, Luba, Robbie Nevil, Chicago and Culture Club,

    90s: Roch Voisine, Backstreet Boys (I'm not talking the insipid ballads but the really rocking dance music), Bernie Hayes,

    and I must make a special mention of the band that I am currently into - The Whitlams.

    And if you've read this far, you deserve a medal!

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    My other favorite band is Echo & the Bunnymen. For any fans out there, they are touring the US during July. I can't wait!

    Others I like include:

    Peter Murphy, Love & Rockets, Bauhaus, The Clash, The Ramones, Dead or Alive, Underworld, and at Christmas time, nobody compares to Johnny Mathis.

    Be Well,

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    Ohh.. I guess it's time to throw my two cents in

    Besides The Fixx:

    Crowded House
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Split Enz
    Holy Zoo (my brother's band!)
    Blue Oyster Cult (my guilty pleasure!)
    The Police
    Foo Fighters
    The Beatles
    Joe Jackson
    Van Halen
    Led Zeppelin
    Alice In Chains
    Heart (old 70s stuff only)
    King Crimson
    The English Beat
    Thomas Dolby
    Meat Puppets
    Duran Duran
    Genesis (circa Abacab)
    early REM (first 3 albums)
    Kings X
    Julianna Hatfield
    Jason Falkner
    Pink Floyd

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    I have lots of faves.

    All Time faves
    1] The Chameleons
    2] O.M.D.
    3] Depeche Mode
    4] The Fixx
    5] Nitzer Ebb
    6] Skinny Puppy
    7] The Sisters Of Mercy
    8] The Cure
    9] Moev
    10] Gary Numan

    newer stuff that I like too
    1] Travis
    2] Coldplay
    3] Radiohead
    4] Probe
    5] Gus Gus

    There's more, but that's a good start

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    fixx and other inspirations...

    Just wondering what all of you like to listen to besides the Fixx. My five favorite non-Fixx musicians are:

    1. Sting
    2. Tears for Fears
    3. Toad the Wet Sprocket
    4. Michael Hedges (acoustic guitar)
    5. Howard Jones

    I know- a lot of 80's. But I think the artists and music of the 80's has proven to be better than the music of the 90's. Anyone else care to share their favorite artists, influences, and musical tastes. As always- THE FIXX RULES !!!!!!

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    Oh God, this list could be HUGE. Like many of you, my musical tastes are all over the map. I owe this to my parents, who brought me up on a fine mix of the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell. I'm very much an 80's child, but am also from Seattle, the birthplace of grunge...

    The Fixx (duh!)
    Foo Fighters (my other all-time fave...The Colour and the Shape is a masterpiece!), Crowded House, Tears for Fears, The Posies (Dear 23 is one of my all-time fave albums), Nirvana, Black Crowes, Sarah Maclachlan, Sheryl Crow, the Beatles, Cream/solo Clapton, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Indigo Girls, REM, Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, the Cars, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Sundays, U2, Tom Petty, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, INXS, XTC, Police, Stone Temple Pilots, Train, Dave Matthews Band, k.d. lang, Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers...

    Yes, I am all over the place, and if I don't stop now, I never will!!

    "...just put myself where you are..."

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    other tastes?

    I remember a similar thread from last year.
    I listen to a lot of stuff. Top o the list is Rush, Asia, Yes, Queensryche, ELO, The Moody Blues, 10,000 Maniacs, Kansas. Lots of others. Country music stinks almost as bad as rap. They just don't use it to vibrate the body panels on their car.
    These days country music is very contrived and commercial.
    That's the good things about the internet. You can listen to radiostations that are outside of your state and hear some new bands. The stations here in Indianapolis are horrid. Cincinnati and Chicago have some good ones. They need to figure a way to get internet radio in the car, though since that's where the radio is mostly heard.


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    I think my tastes will differ from most FIXX fans, but here's what else I enjoy:

    - DEVO! (my favorite band of all time)
    - Sigue Sigue Sputnik (they're back together and playing live!)
    - Carcass (great Death Metal)
    - Impaled Nazarene (sick, twisted, Satanic Black Metal)
    - Controlled Bleeding (only their early industrial/very noisy stuff)
    - Severed Heads
    - Ozzy Ozbourne (a god of gods)
    - The Dickies (great LA punk!)
    - The Go-Go's (love 'em, love 'em...and their new CD, too!)
    - Shizuo (and other bands on the german Digital Hardcore label)
    - Aprhodite (wonderful drum & bass)

    Just to name a few. Music is a lifelong sickness!


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    Mollify, same thread- new post. (This thing is 4 pages long!) It is sooo hard to pick just a few from all of the great music that we have. Mine are on this thread somewhere... Kat

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    Like most people, I find this one tough because it's hard to narrow down.

    I'm a child of the 80's for sure, though, and a lot of stuff I liked a lot then I don't like as much now, but I still love New Order, the Police, Art of Noise, Kate Bush, the Cure, Depeche Mode, Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel, INXS, OMD, Simple Minds, Talking Heads (up to Stop Making Sense), Tears for Fears, The The, and U2 before the Joshua Trash (err, Tree). Oh, and I guess I consider Duran Duran to be a guilty pleasure.

    The 90's were tough. I think experimentation died with the onset of corpratization of radio, and so did most of the good music. Seems to me there are waaaay too many bands that all sound to me like some kind of cross between Pearl Jam and Counting Crows. I can't get into Radiohead, either.

    The more 90s stuff that I do like tends to be instrumental or nearly insrumental (William Orbit, Crystal Method, Enigma) or 80s derivative/holdovers, like Cocteau Twins or Peter Murphy. NIN and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult aren't bad, but I'd have to say that Garbage and Curve would be the truly 90s bands that I'm into now.
    Mike "Sunburn" Byrne

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    Mostly 80's and Classic Rock here,

    Kinks, Rush, Grateful Dead, Supertramp, Yes, Police, Beatles, Who,
    Genesis and I torture my wife with Kate Bush and Tori Amos. (2 of the most beautiful women in music)
    Been a Fixxture for a long time.

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    Currently liking -
    Midge Ure
    The Blue Nile

    ...and if you like the Fixx , then you might like to check out Talk Talk !!!


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    Other bands I like

    Don't forget Peter Murphy, Depeche Mode and New Order...then to finish the show...the Fixx!! Wouldn't that be a lineup?

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    LOVE the police, the house martins, sting, REM... more recent...sarah mclaughlin, the tragically hip, tom waits.

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    Scorpions - U2 - Rob Zombie - Sugar Ray - Milli Vanilli(the music) - Gordon Lightfoot - Tom Cochrane - early Def Leppard - early Haywire(defunct band from PEI, Canada) - Honeymoon Suite - The Cars - Gary Neuman - Late 70s nd early 80s disco - 80s pop
    Preaching from minds they do not own.

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