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Thread: Write the beach boardwalk...get the band back next year!

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    Originally posted by Clive3
    Should i bring my GF?????? That would be so awesome.... Yo Pops WOuld that be fine?
    That would be fine with me - I like Katrina.
    Problem is, will you have fun? Isn't she big on the poppy disposable happy horse doo doo that brings up the bile to the back of our throats? You know, the CDs that we wouldn't **** on to put out a fire. (raising a glass to Matt Pinfield). She would be miserable at a Fixx show.

    Or, with any luck, there could be an AWAKENING!!

    Come what may.

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    Very True...... Ill talk to her bout it see what she thinks.... Who knows...

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    "We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program for an On Topic Message..."

    July 29! I think I'm going to have to plan on this one!! I had planned on visiting SC 2 weeks ago, but preferred San Fran over SC in the rain. I can't wait to get back to the Boardwalk! Especially for another great Fixx show!

    "...and now back to our regaularly scheduled program..."

    Congrats to all of you soon to be hitched


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    I'll send an email and seeing as how I live about 3 miles from the boardwalk I'll hand deliver a written letter as well.

    Dale in Santa Cruz
    Why Fixx It If It Ain't Broke

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    Like last time, I'm about to write the boardwalk and thank them for having The Fixx play. Roger mentioned the boardwalk is interested in bringing them back again next year, so if we all drop them an email or letter of thanks, telling them how much we enjoyed it, that will just help nudge the process along a little. It's just a fantastic setting for their music and our friendships.

    Here's the email address if others want to join me:
    web site | blog | photos | Twitter (primary)
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    Just wrote a quick E-Mail. It would mean so much to so many people. If the powers that be bring them back next Summer !

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