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Thread: Any Fixxtures Going To London?

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    Smile Any Fixxtures Going To London?

    Hello All,

    I noticed that The Fixx were playing in London, England. Are there any Fixxtures going to the show.

    I would love to go but I can't afford a trip across the pond. Though I would like to break "into the palace with a sponge and rusty spanner."


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    There's plenty of us going to the London gig. We're making plans over at the 'ello England' thread.

    You would be more than welcome to join us

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    What a dream!!!!!

    would love to go .. I have always wanted to go to London .. I actually had the chance to go to Richmond College,in London, for a semester... but I chickened out at the last minute... that is the only regret I have in my life experiences... So, I have a trip to England tucked away in my maybe someday dream file... But to see the Fixx in their homeland... that would be the ulitamte .... Jeanne

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