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Thread: The Fixx in Manchester England

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    Smile The Fixx in Manchester England

    there are big rumours that the boys are to play in Manchester England in October,i cant get a date but assume it must be around the date they play in London,does anyone have any info,last time they played in Manchester was support to A Flock of Seagulls,The Fixx were on second,when the Seagulls came on, most of the audience walked out.

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    Funny ... that happened when I saw them with the Police as well...Welcome abord...keep in touch and keep posting and let us know about the show ... this is a great place to be ... Welcome again.,... Jeanne

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    Re: The Fixx in Manchester England

    Originally posted by fixed boots
    there are big rumours that the boys are to play in Manchester England in October
    Hi Fixed Boots, I am just curious, where have you heard these rumours? Surely if this was going to happen, it would have been announced on the official website? Just in case, I am glad I still have two days holiday left

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    I'll be pleased if it happens as I'm only 35 miles from Manchester. But I doubt it

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