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Thread: videos

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    I only know of the two versions of Red Skies. Tenohtwo's description of the first one was right on. I remember when I first saw it so many years ago I thought Cy was around 6' 6" because they shot him from below and he was so thin!

    I don't recall the SNL performance making it to MTV. There was a live performance of Sign of Fire that was used from their MTV concert that was used as their video for that release.

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    Re: videos

    Originally posted by STUART
    Have a full DVD of the videos, think I have just about all that have been made, my DVD is in the UK pal format though which is different to your American NTSC format. All my copies came from the likes of VH1.

    Quality of the videos varies from DVD quality through to watchable.

    Can arrange something I'm sure if anyone wants copies. Mail me or send a PM Steve, we'll sort something out.
    Hi Stuart....

    those video files on DVD are availible to see in Europe???

    Would you send me a list with the songs???

    Thx Peter

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