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Thread: Top 50 Fixx Songs

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    Top 50 Fixx Songs

    Hello all. I am taking a survey and am compiling the results. List up to your 25 favorite Fixx songs. (You can list any amount up to 25.) Your favorite Fixx song gets 25 points on down to 1 point. I will post the results in one month.

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    My 25 faves

    1. Reach the Beach
    2.The Fool
    3.Big Wall
    4.I Found You
    7.Calm Animals
    8.Yesterday, Today
    9.Cause to be Alarmed
    10.Climb the Hill
    11.Happy Landings
    12.Sunshine in the Shade
    13.Chase the Fire
    14.All the Best Things
    15.The Flow
    16.Lose Face
    17.Can't Finish
    19.Are We Ourselves?
    21.Fatal Shore
    22.Driven Out
    23.How Much is Enough?
    24.We Don't Own the World
    25.Built for the Future

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    I can't just fling 25 out there without giving it careful consideration. This challenge requires some thought. I call it a challenge because there are so many faves - to whittle it down to 25 is tough. Give some time on this...List in this space

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    hmmm, ill have to thinka obut this one... Can i just say all of them? THey are all great Tunes...

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    First I'd like to remind folks that the Complete A to Z list of Fixx recordings can be found here... (a wonderful resource compiled by our very own tenohtwo)

    Ok, Ray, here's my top 25 favorite Fixxes...

    1..Woman On A Train

    2..Sinking Island


    4..Going Without (Happy Landings version)

    5..Climb The Hill

    6..Cameras In Paris (Shuttered Room version)

    7..All About You

    8..Two Different Views (any version)

    9..I Will (1011 Woodland version)

    10. Are You Satisfied

    11. Driven Out

    12. Lonely As A Lighthouse

    13. Running

    14. Happy Langings

    15. How Much Is Enough

    16. We Don't Own The World

    17. Facing TheWind

    18. Mayfly

    19. Privilege

    20. Pushing Myself

    21. We Once Held Hands (Happy Landings Version)

    22. Venture Out

    23. Rules & Schemes

    24. Changing

    25. Lost Planes

    I'm Life & Prove get honorable mentions - sure did hurt trimming them from the list

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    1) One Thing Leads To Another
    2) No One Has To Cry
    3) Woman On A Train
    4) Two Different Views
    5) No Hollywood Ending
    6) Red Skies
    7) The Strain
    8) Saved By Zero
    9) Secret Separation
    10) Going Overboard
    11) Driven Out
    12) Stand Or Fall
    13) Less Cities, More Moving People
    14) These Boots Are Made For Walking
    15) Do What You Can
    16) Deeper And Deeper
    17) Camphor
    18) Are You Satisfied?
    19) Question
    20) Ocean Blue
    21) How Much Is Enough
    22) Phantom Living
    23) Touch
    24) Don't Be Scared
    25) Cameras In Paris

    "I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition was to eat, drink, and be Mary." ~ George Carlin.

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    This is a hard one to answer because I certainly like way more than just 25! But here's mine:

    1) Red Skies
    2) Modern World
    3) Calm Animals
    4) Two Different Views
    5) I'm Life
    6) We Once Held Hands
    7) Ocean Blue
    8) Cameras in Paris
    9) Happy Landings
    10) Roger and Out
    11) A Letter to Both Sides
    12) Fatal Shore
    13) Deeper and Deeper
    14) Outside
    15) Woman on a Train
    16) Camphor
    17) Sweet Pandemonium
    18) Facing the Wind
    19) Chase the Fire
    20) Shut it Out
    21) Digging up the Rock
    22) Mayfly
    23) Still Around (1011 Woodland version)
    24) Lost Planes
    25) The Fool
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    Did you intend to have Roger & Out in there twice?

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    Originally posted by Steve Pariseau
    Did you intend to have Roger & Out in there twice?
    She may REALLY like that song

    "I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition was to eat, drink, and be Mary." ~ George Carlin.

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    Originally posted by SilentGeoff
    She may REALLY like that song

    LOL! It was a copy and paste error, had over 50 songs and had
    to move and delete and though I looked at the list before I posted it, my eyes missed it. I meant to put Lost Planes on 24, so I've fixed now Thanks for spotting it!

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    1. Silent House
    2. I Live
    3. Sunshine In The Shade
    4. Want That Life
    5. I Found You
    6. Are We Ourselves ?
    7. Roger and Out
    8. Saved by Zero
    9. Driven Out
    10. Liner
    11. Fatal Shore
    12. Reach The Beach
    13. Are You Satisfied ?
    14. Ocean Blue
    15. Cameras In Paris

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    1. Less Cities More Moving People
    2. Two Different Views
    3. Happy Landings (original)
    4. Freeman
    5. Red Skies
    6. Woman On A Train
    7. Lost In Battle Overseas
    8. Brave
    9. Kingdom Christsake
    10. Outside
    11. Deeper And Deeper
    12. The Strain
    13. Driven Out
    14. I Will
    15. Wish
    16. How Much Is Enough
    17. Big Wall
    18. Going Overboard
    19. No Hollywood Ending
    20. Ocean Blue
    21. Liner
    22. Gypsy Feet
    23. Is It By Instinct
    24. Crucified
    25. Cameras In Paris

    Don't think I could rate them in order of preference, but if I had to choose 25 to go on my mp3 player then these would them.
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    Top 25, eh? Well, that's quite a homework assignment. Some songs I don't even compare, so to put one above the other....

    Ah, who am I kidding..I love lists! Alright, here's mine:

    01. Red Skies
    02. Stand Or Fall
    03. Less Cities, More Moving People
    04. Saved By Zero
    05. Facing The Wind
    06. Driven Out
    07. Calm Animals
    08. Outside
    09. The Fool
    10. One Thing Leads To Another
    11. Chase The Fire
    12. How Much Is Enough?
    13. Secret Separation
    14. Reach The Beach
    15. Deeper and Deeper
    16. Woman On A Train
    17. Yesterday, Today
    18. World Weary
    19. Camphor
    20. Opinions
    21. Subterranean
    22. The Sign Of Fire
    23. Two Different Views
    24. Roger and Out
    25. Ocean Blue


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    Well, it's funny that a couple of people should mention "Woman On A Train" when I consider that song to be one of my all-time least favorites I guess that's what we can call *diversity* in tastes

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    Top 25? How much is enough? Here is my list yesterday, today, and in order...

    1) Happy Landings (I'm well past my full tank of gas...")
    2) Sunshine In The Shade ("every man has a mountain...")
    3) I Will (stronger then ever today...hit me hard then; still does today. Standout from album that helped a teenager at the time)
    4) No Hollywood Ending ("the audience has left")
    5) One Thing Leads To Another (summer of '83...greatness arrives on the radio!)
    6) Secret Separation (classic...should have gone higher on charts)
    7) Opinions (hidden gem grows fonder as the years drift away)
    8) Stand Or Fall (which came first? Red Skies? Either way...I was hooked.)
    9) Are We Ourselves? (who are we?)
    10) Deeper And Deeper (Rock the walls...turn up the volume)
    11) Saved By Zero (overplayed yes...but still adore it today)
    12) Do What You Can (after years...the speakers talk...what discovery!)
    13) The Strain (hit me hard then...hits me hard today. Oram chords)
    14) Walkabout (the rock...)
    15) Running (do we ever stop)
    16) Gypsy Feet (not many mention it...but kept me coming back to hear more)
    17) Red Skies (the beginning...MTV)
    18) Camphor (song just captured you...)
    19) Falling In Love (fell in love as Fixx hash out love song written by others)
    20) Don't Be Scared (Cy's voice soothed comfort into our minds...)
    21) Treasure It (Children are just clicked)
    22) No One Has To Cry (music scene had changed...would have been huge hit years before)
    23) Reach The Beach (live in '83 at Comiskey stood out)
    24) Phantom Living (strong finish to album that reached my soul)
    25) Precious Stone (really have come to love this song...)

    Take care,


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