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Thread: Top 50 Fixx Songs

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    My list looks kind of similar to the shoeman -
    Currently the ones I like to hear the most:

    1. Deeper And Deeper
    2. I Will
    3. Taking The Long Way Home
    4. I'm Life
    5. Ocean Blue
    6. All Is Fair
    7. Mayfly
    8. Stand Or Fall
    9. Cameras In Paris
    10. Phantom Living
    11. Shut It Out
    12. Saved By Zero
    13. Facing The Wind
    14. Camphor
    15. Reach The Beach
    16. One Look Up
    17. Lost In Battle Overseas
    18. Woman On A Train
    19. Red Skies
    20. Are You Satisfied?
    21. Read Between The Lines
    22. In Suspense
    23. Climb The Hill
    24. Wish
    25. Don't Be Scared
    ...when a breath inspires it's a sign of life...

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    awh, i cant pain myself that much to make a wish list..

    It would be the same as making a list for Santa....

    Ya know your gonna ask for sh*t you AINT gonna get,
    and yeah, you'll get most of it (especially the POPULAR items!)
    but no matter what- then you will cry about the things ya didnt get like a 3 yr old! LOL!

    i just want new stuff- i live for the new ones-
    the old ones are already in my collections... i can go there to listen-

    i like the unfamiliar, i go to shows to see/hear NEW things...
    not sing along with Mitch (miller!) to da old stuff.... been there- done that! about 50 times!

    although i ve been told ya can hear me singing over CY from the crowd! LOL!!!!!!!

    such a brilliant band!
    F u2!

    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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    Thumbs up Top 25

    ... hard work to built that top list.

    Maybe i could take that for a Top-100 List!

    25. Remember Me When Iīm Gone
    24. Mayfly
    23. Modern World
    22. Fatal Shore
    21. The Flow
    20. Subterreanean
    19. Rediscover
    18. Wish
    17. Chase The Fire
    16. Silent House
    15. One Thing Leads To Another
    14. You Donīt Have To Prove Yourself
    13. Kingdom Christsake
    12. I Will
    11. Facing The Wind
    10. All About You
    9. Woman On A Train
    8. Time In A Glass
    7. Taking The Long Way Home
    6. Are You Satisfied?
    5. Lonely As A Lighthouse
    4. Less Cities More Moving People
    3. Ocean Blue
    2. Life Goes On
    1. Touch

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