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    I've noticed alot of posts from people in Florida. If you are a Florida Fixxture, I'm really just curious who you are and what part of Florida you are from. If you wanna describe a little about yourself that's cool also. Thanks all. Love, E

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    Good Question, I'd like to know more about everyone too. I live near Tampa and will soon be moving to "Strawberry Land" , have been in this area since I was 9 yrs old.

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    Don't know if this would qualify, but my folks have a condo in Hallandale which I spend time at a few times a year. Sorry, not to close to you folks. Don't think I'd be in your area that much anyway since my in-laws live near Tampa :-O

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    Florida Fixxtures

    Yes, many Fixxtures are preparing for hurricane season in sunny FL. If you glance through the profile names, there are several from this state (and some of you have been quiet). It might be nice for us to keep them in mind when we pass info to each other on the Jax tour dates, etc.

    My area of Florida is a midwest-couldn't-stand-the-cold-had-to-leave melting pot. Maybe part of our numbers came because of the person or persons that started a grapevine about this site at the Orlando show, and many jumped on as members right after that, if you check the dates. The power of gossip.
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    I am that rarest of all creatures - a native Floridian. Born in 1966 in Clearwater at good ol' Morton Plant Hospital (thankfully not torn down yet to make way for a Megamallcineplex), raised in Tampa Bay by a single mom, an immigrant from post-war Austria.

    I first saw The Fixx live in '84 at St. Petersburg's Bayfront Theater. The show was taped and broadcast on MTV, broadcast on King Biscuit (or one of the other rock radio concert series) and I seem to recall a live video of "The Sign Of Fire" from that concert. It was a fabulous show, suffice to say. I'm fairly certain that it was the tour supporting "Phantoms" as I recall Cy popping out of a trapdoor to sing "Are We Ourselves?"

    Like all posters to this 'board, The Fixx remains one of my favorite bands. From my first listen of "Stand Or Fall," I was struck by the band's unique sound and adventurous arrangements. I literally wore out cassettes of Reach The Beach and Phantoms. Jamie West-Oram was a major influence on my then-developing guitar playing, particularly the brilliantly inventive parts he composed that interwove with the rest of the instrumentation. I bought my first really good guitar in '86 - it was/is a Schecter, the same brand Jamie usually opts for. In a few weeks, I get to pay tribute to my heroes when my power pop band Barely Pink opens for The Fixx on Saturday July 7th at St. Petersburg's Jannus Landing, about five blocks from the site of that first show back in '84. As the reader might imagine, I am super-excited about this gig, much like when a Southern rock band I played in opened for Dickey Betts. Ya gotta go back to the wellspring if you want a drink of the good stuff.

    FYI, other artists hold in similar esteem are The Ramones, Zeppelin, Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Black Crowes, Mozart, Elvis Costello, plus the greats of rhythm 'n' blues, country & western and rock 'n' roll. And there's a zillion others I can't think of off the top of my head.

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