Besides The Fixx, I'm really into Top 40/100 charts, historical perspectives on songs/albums etc... As part of this interest, I've recently started randomly reading album/cd reviews submitted by patrons of In the past, I've mostly used these reviews to simply narrow down my choices, prior to making my buying decisions. However, now I've started looking at these review more for the fun of it. Does anyone else looks at these reviews? What do you think of them? Just because I was curious, last night I actually went through each of the reviews offered up on The Fixx, and their cd's for sale at It was really rather interesting, and in some cases, quite funny. I think most people described The Fixx as having great lyrics, vocals, inventive guitar work, and an "atmospheric" quality to their music. Of course, there was the occasional negative about their releases, and their music. I just thought it was interesting to read. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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