The recent debate on Tobacco prompted me to write this blurb. Full disclosure - I do not smoke, nor do I advocate smoking in general, however...

One could say the discussion on tobacco is philosophical vice scientific, but let me give you some thoughts -
Tobacco in itself is likely not cancerous, even in large consumption by smoking or otherwise.

It's the chemicals/additives that are the problem.

Look at the historical statistics on cancer trends before and after additives became the norm - will open your eyes. When natural tobacco cigars were the only product for smoking, there was not a health concern. Pipe tobacco started the trend of additives, especially for making the smoke more perfumed, but pipe smokers were not necessarily inhalers. Also - there are certain processes such as rapid kiln fire/heat drying for cigarette tobacco that also makes the eventual burned tobacco more harmful. If a more natural and patient process was used, the traditional way of curing tobacco, even a cigarette with all those harmful additives would be less dangerous.

I also wanted to point out that the arguments typically go down a certain path based on assumptions that many of you have engrained within you from a lifetime of indoctrination (my word for standard U.S. education).