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Thread: Another Lovely Thing From England

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    Another Lovely Thing From England

    AND That is Alannah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alannah .. it was such a pleasure to meet you!! You are lovely and have an enchanting, and somewhat wicked sense of humor that had me in stiches!!!!! I will never forget that Taxi ride to Haight-Ashbury and all the fun and laughter!!! I am so glad you came to the USA, and hope that your travels back home are safe!!!

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    Yes! I'm happy to have met you, too, Alannah. It was great fun making you laugh and partying and dining with you. And thanks for the Bovril! Hope you enjoyed all of the shows - I think you lead now with the most shows seen in 2005 thus far..

    Cheers, dahling!

    With mental wingo I'm nearly flying

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    Will add my two cents here - Alannah, you are indeed a wickedly funny lady, and I want to say thanks for making me laugh so much during what was a trying week - you don't know how much you helped brighten my mood. It was great meeting you!
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    Yes, Allanah & Heimo - what a pleasure to meet them both! And, I finally got to meet Clive3 - but that's another story . . . .

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    I also had the pleasure of Alannah's company. Alannah is truly the most charismatic woman I have met. She posesses the most beautiful mind one can encounter (I attempted to verbalize this in my last minutes with her but I don't know if it came across proper with alcohol in the equation). Alannah has stunning intellect and wit. Her sense of humor is ever uplifting even in times of despair (and believe me, there were multiple moments of despair over the course of the week).

    Alannah! You rock, you roll, and you get back up again for more.
    Thanks for being one of the guys!!

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    Hey Allanah! Hope you had a safe trip home....

    I am looking forward to jump on a plane and having a bottle of jameson with you. Good to know that you are not so far away!

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    What a great community! I'm so happy that you all had a chance to meet, but must admit, I'm a little green. Do share some pictures. Hope one day to meet all of you great Fixxtures!!

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    So Good to Meet you

    I too am so glad to have met you Alannah! I am amazed that you came all this way to see a "British" band haha! It was a special treat for us at your expense!
    Know that you have real friends here and are always welcome and If I am ever in your neck of the woods I will be sure and look you up!
    I look forward to hearing more about you as I browse the boards!

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    Been meaning to reply to this and just say thank you all for your kind words. Brain is slowly starting to finally come back from jet-lag world....

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