View Poll Results: What is your favourite Calm Animals song

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  • I'm Life

    8 6.40%
  • Driven Out

    42 33.60%
  • Subterranean

    16 12.80%
  • Precious Stone

    14 11.20%
  • Gypsy Feet

    10 8.00%
  • Calm Animals

    10 8.00%
  • Shred of Evidence

    7 5.60%
  • The Flow

    7 5.60%
  • World Weary

    6 4.80%
  • Cause To Be Alarmed

    4 3.20%
  • Never Mind What You Leave Behind

    1 0.80%
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Thread: Vote - Your favourite Calm Animals song (round 1)

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    Jun 2012

    Cool I have 3 favorites

    I just recently got the Rainman version of this cd, so Never Mind What
    You Leave Behind is new to me, and I really like it. But I've always
    liked I'm Life and Precious Stone. So I like all three.

    "your amour is love"

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    Favorite? How do you pick just ONE?

    Calm Animals was one of my favorite tapes I listened to during my high school years...YES...I said tapes, as in cassette tapes. I don't know if I can honestly choose only one from among the several on this album that I love.

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    This is my favorite Fixx Album, because it contains more of my all time favorite Fixx songs than any other, namely Subterranean, Calm Animals, Cause to Be Alarmed, The Flow, Driven Out, World weary, and I'm Life. Still getting to know Never Mind What You Leave Behind.

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    Chambéry (France)
    "Subterranean" for me, with a really great groove with bass and drums.
    After, I hesitate between "Calm animals" and "Driven out" which seems the ideal song to drive a car on a highway, at night, between the sea on my left and the lights of a city on my right...
    Well, I think I'd better go to bed, I start telling foolish things!

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    Roseville, CA, USA
    This was more challenging for me....I ended up selecting Calm Animals, but I love Gypsy Feet, Driven Out, and Subterranean, about as much. Great tunes.

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    Calm Animals

    I was a fan of this Group back when MTV first came on the scene.
    Then I saw they were not going away. And, with time they have grown into something truly great.

    I think the Elemental release is my overall fav...but I have yet to fully appreciate Beautiful Friction.
    I wish I would have had the ability to see them last year as they toured the USA.
    In fact, I believe they missed INDY altogether, which was one of the reasons I could not see them.
    They should definitely play the MURAT TEMPLE downtown....

    I really like their more recent music over the original early 1980's effort. No offsense, I hope. None meant.
    I am older... almost 60 now... and listening to garage rock n roll was something that faded a long time ago.
    With Elemental they broke their own mold, I believe. Or, maybe Calm Animals was the leaping off point to get there.

    I really prefer PRECIOUS STONE over any of the others. But Calm Animals does have the catchier riff or attitude....
    Precious Stone speaks to me and how humanity is showing how much they don't care about this pebble they live on.
    I guess I can hear Cy Curnin's attitude... or "politics(?)" in the lyrics he brings to the songs.
    As we like to say, one can tell he is AWAKE and not walking thru Earth's history half asleep....

    Caused to be Alarmed, Crucify Me, Precious Stone, How much is enough, Stand or Fall.... You can tell Cy is AWAKE.
    I have almost ALL of what FIXX has released. I will make it a point to complete my Collection.
    I think it's great they have not given up on their craft... they have now joined other Lifers in the Biz. A rarity!!!

    Congrats to FIXX.. the entire Band, and all who have helped them get so much accomplished.
    I do hope they find a way to visit (play) here in Indianapolis, or close by the next time they are out & about.

    Good luck!!!!

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