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Thread: We're looking at the 'bout the after?

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    We're looking at the 'bout the after?

    Hey, guys - just thinking about things we can do to help the band. We do the flyer thing pretty well, and the pre-show promotion is very vital.

    But how 'bout AFTER the shows are over?

    Most of the venues have a web site with a contact email address. We should consider writing the venues we visit and thanking them for bringing the band to us and ask them to have the guys back in the future. Send 'em a link to photos you took, give 'em feedback on their venue, bar staff, menu if they had one, etc. Just a little thing that takes a moment, but it may have a positive impact for the future.

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    THAT is a very good idea, Bash!!!!!!!

    Also, I think the idea of the business cards with the website address is a great idea too... I can not tell you how many times I wrote, on napkins for people I talked to, at the Fine Line!!!!

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