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Thread: every sunset...dejavu but always new

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    every sunset...dejavu but always new

    I can't remember
    the last time I saw a sunset
    so magnificent
    as this.
    Colors so rich
    and crisp
    progressing slowing
    through the day's
    final metamorphosis.
    With the sun's
    last piercing
    through the atmosphere
    the horizon glimmers
    and wavers
    as if engulfed
    in a blazing inferno.
    fuschias , lavenders,
    contrasted against
    the blue-black horizon.
    as the city lights begin
    to twinkle... and...
    look forward to tomorrow...
    ...and smile.
    Fluxus is not: a movement, a moment in history, an organization. Fluxus is: an idea, a kind of work, a tendency, a way of life, a changing set of people who do Fluxworks.
    --Dick Higgins

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    Poets in our midst

    Hey Flexus,

    What a lovely way to describe the end of the day!!

    We too have some awesome sunsets here in country Western Australia, followed by the most amazing night sky.

    An astronomers delight!!

    I can relate to your post and often just "smile" at natures wonders.

    We are so lucky to be able to appreciate these things.

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