You can not imagine how interested or excited most of my friends have been after I told them about my trip to California in march and meeting some of you.

I always buy every copy of a fixx-cd in a second hand record store because I can not leave a fixx-cd back in a store without my heart bleeding. So I always have a lot of "Giveaways" at home. The last few days a lot of people asked me to tell them about the band and after a listen they seemed to be very positive surprised.

What I would like to tell you: The Fixx are playing in Washington DC in July, right? Watch out for a blond german girl called Karin. She has to come over to the USA from time to time because of her job. She will be in Washington right at that time. And she will go to see the Fixx...

I am sure she will come back as a big fan and join the board!!!