Ahhh... timing is everything.

Bought XM. Got it Friday. Got it working tonight (Monday). Was told to keep it plugged in overnight (ok, for an hour, but we're just leaving it on) to connect to all the channels.

Good ol' Fred (#44)- at 10pm they were playing The Fixx BBC in Concert. I was trying to figure out the "era" and it was Shuttered Room. So I got to hear CAMERAS IN PARIS (hint hint) as well as The Fool, I Found You, Shuttered Room and Stand or Fall before I had to pull the headphones off. My husband came downstairs and laughed at me- I really was trying hard not to wake the baby, but when I hear CAMERAS IN PARIS- and LIVE no less (hint hint July 19 and July 21 hint hint)- I'm Adam Woods reincarnate.

Could I have turned it on at a better time?!?! Anyone else hear it? Or for that matter, what Fixx songs have you heard on XM (and not on Fred?)?