View Poll Results: What's your favorite Fixx Studio album?

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  • Shuttered Room

    38 11.95%
  • Reach The Beach

    83 26.10%
  • Phantoms

    70 22.01%
  • Walkabout

    51 16.04%
  • Calm Animals

    23 7.23%
  • Ink

    13 4.09%
  • Elemental

    28 8.81%
  • Want That Life

    9 2.83%
  • 1011 Woodland

    2 0.63%
  • Stage One

    1 0.31%
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Thread: What's your favorite Fixx album?

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    Can anyone tell me the song list of the cirrent tour? I'll be going to Reno this Friday night as well as the Palo Alto show.... I'd love to see the song list in there's no "secret separation" ya know??



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    Reach the Beach...every cut is great.

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    This is so hard. It used to be Phantoms, then Walkabout, then Phantoms, then Walkabout, then Elemental, then Walkabout...

    I love RTB, but for some reason when I'm in a Fixx mood it's either Elemental or Walkabout I pick up. Yet the song I'm dying most to hear live, and the only Fixx song I've used in my artistic life, is The Fool, and I do love Shuttered Room. The bottom is easier to determine. Crucified is the only thing I liked off of Ink, and just above it is Calm Animals. Everything else is too close to call.

    But I did vote for Walkabout. It showed up the most when I started to type this out.
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    All of thier work is great, the older work just like with any other band has that unique experimental sound. I put the fixx in the catogory with rush, jamie and alex have that awesome unique style that is of no other,they are not clones of other bands...they are the trend setters. J-W-O has been one of my influences have been playing guitar for 20 years and it was a great pleasure to be able to meet him and talk a little at the stockton show.

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to the message board & thought I would post something about this topic. I've been a fan since the early 80's and have to say I have 2 favorite albums... Shuttered Room and Reach the Beach. These 2 albums are responsible for me getting hooked to The Fixx. Two of the greatest albums from the 80's. Very cool videos from these albums as well.


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    Talking Favorite FIXX album

    Definately, it's the PHANTOMS lp. It's so cool, so many great songs. It's definately a classic!!! My second favorite lp is a tie between ELEMENTAL and REACH THE BEACH. Can't wait to hear the new cd.

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    Thumbs up My Favorite Album

    I agree with Westland Armitage. I think Walkabout was their best album to date. You have to hear it on headphones to believe the most ultimate listening audio experience! It was their only and very spiritual, melodic and atmospheric sounding album, where as the other ones seemed kind of flat or basic sounding. I hope they create another album like Walkabout in the future. I think they have a future in that kind of sound. It suits them well.

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    Thumbs down Walkabout

    Walkabout is the only original studio album that has NOT been re-released! Why is that? They re-released Phantoms and Calm Animals again. Why is the record company(ies) taking so long to decide?
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    Phantoms is their best album to date, IMO. It has a quality about it I can only describe as "honest". Listening to it reminds me of the feeling I get on a cold, cloudy autumn day with the breeze brushing my cheek and the light rain tapping at my temples. I know that sounds weird, but that's how it makes me feel - quietly happy.

    I also love Elemental - such great lyrics. Great reflections on life from mid-age. I am in love with the song "Going Without"!

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    fishnoises Guest
    This question comes up so often. Obviously everyone should take into account that the mood you are in might dictate your response. Sometimes I really HAVE to listen to Elemental. Sometimes it's Shuttered room. My favourite is Phantoms, but I've listened to it so many times especially when it first came out, that I don't feel the need to hear it as often. There really is no song of theirs that I don't like. Except for a couple from Ink. I fast forward through those every time! I can't wait for the new album to be added to that list!

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    Red face

    How can Calm Animals get only 5% of the votes? I guess people didn't purchase the album.

    Calm Animals is the best FIXX album, and it is the greatest album from any band in any decade.

    1. First, this album has the best 2 songs, Gypsy Feet and The Flow. Let's see. 2. The drums are the best. Good sounding drums are rare in pop radio over here in the states. 3. Cy is best. The songwriting and vocals never sound forced or over-produced (see Deeper and Deeper). 4. The fantasy tone, that is the Fixx, is better on this album than anywhere. 5. Lyrics. For example "Let's escape","Driven out, holding out","How do you weigh in","There is cause","I can't stop the spiral","no wonder the pastures die". The lyrics are most powerful here. 6. Lead guitar is the best. 7. Keyboards are the best.

    The whole album is like a fantasy dream. The sound flows from start to finish. When I listen to the songs, my mind wanders & drifts, and then I start thinking of images and other things in my life, like a daydream. This is such an incredible album.

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    that's funny - after reading your review, i'm sure we could interchange your comments w/ walkabout- if you wanna throw out the fantasy bit!!! LOL!


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    At this point in my life I would have to say that Walkabout is my fav. The songs really grove and inspire me to think and break out of the celephane wrapper so to speak. The lyrics are thought provoking to say the least.

    I would say runner-up is Elemental. I was always a Fixx fan but when I heard this album they impressed the hell out of me. Being a guitarist this album is great. Jamie rocks!!!!

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    Talking EASY...!!

    "Institut Romand de Recherche Numerique en Physique des Materiaux".

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    Changes week to week with me, can I vote for them all???? Tell you what, anyone wanna vote on their LEAST favourite album, now that's a difficult one........
    Think I'll set the ball rolling with Reach the Beach, although that will definately be changed by tomorrow morning after it gets a blast in the car......... Opinions - getting me down...
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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