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Thread: F I X X S T E R - A File Sharing Thread For Forum Members Only

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    Smile F I X X S T E R - A File Sharing Thread For Forum Members Only

    Please do not provide a link to a song readily available commercially, either domestically or as an import, the post may be edited or deleted. Also if a song linked here becomes available commercially the post offering the song may be edited or deleted as well. If youíre not sure how to share files using FTP Iím sure someone here will give you help. Also, If your not sure how to convert media such as vinyl or cassette, again please ask. Periodically this thread may be brought back to the top of the thread list for better exposure.

    OK, this is a place to share songs with other Fixxtures, if you have a rarity, or a high quality version of one, that youíre sitting on and you want to share it with other Fixxtures you can do it here.

    Forum Member Dan Boutin also has a collection of mp3's available and it has some real gems on it. Thanks Dan for making these rare live tracks available to other Fixxtures.

    From Dan...... "If people are interested I want a blank CD with a SASE so all I have to do is burn the CD and send it out. I used to charge $10 per CD to cover the costs of obtaining bootlegs and to cover the cost of copies for the band, but now that I've broken even, I do it for blanks or CD trades (studio or bootleg)."

    Dan has an info page which lists the shows and songs on the CD, heres how to get to his page....

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