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Thread: Fixx Fans' favorite bands??

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    Faith no more
    King swamp

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    fishnoises Guest

    any Christian music listeners?

    Well I have too many to list as well (especially since my tastes change with my mood), but I have been listening to Coldplay quite a bit. That is a great band. For the most part though, I am stuck in the 80's. I also have been listening to quite a bit of Christian music as well. I never realized how good contemporary Christian music is! Any body else on the list been listening to bands like "Third Day", "Mercy Me", "Sixpence None the Richer", or "Newsboys".
    If any of you are Christians, and like to hear good music like the Fixx--then I highly recommend those bands.
    Happy Father's day to all the dads
    Caroline Hogan

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    Optimist - If Evanescence is goth then I'm probably going to be disappointed in the CD I have coming (Falling). My son turned me on to the one they've been playing on the radio (Bring Me To Life) which is hip hop (Linkin Park, 311, POD type stuff).

    Fishnoises - I'm not big on Christian rock but I do like the 77s quite a bit. My brother has supplied me with 4 of theirs and they are each so different and so killer in their own ways. They can sound like classic rock when they want then sound like grunge, and the next minute they are soft and sweet. Versatility is key.


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    would you believe it... Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel, also one of my all time favourite bands, Breakfast at Tiffany's - Goodbye Astrid Goodbye, some classic stuff.
    It's a small world!! Cold Chisel have just reformed (again) for 4 shows in Sydney, in the round, playing for 3.5 hours!! Word is, now that Jimmy Barnes is 'clean', that he wants to put Chisel on the internationally music map. This includes European dates this year (hopefully not 7/8 August).

    So, The Fixx and Cold Chisel, two bands that I have been waiting 20 years to see, possibly both in the same year!!

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    Re: Evanescence - you won't be disappointed, I don't consider Linkin Park hip hop! They're the new heavy metal! Snoop is hip hop for chrissakes.
    Just think: "Tori Amos meets The Mission UK, and it's the year 2003." That's Evanescence.
    Apparently they got pulled from Christian stores because they said "I didn't know we were a Christian band." People assumed that because they are on the same label as Creed. Does that make KISS Canadian because they shared the same label as Rush? anyway, ROCK IS ROCK. Politics and religion are featured in everybody's music.
    Hey if you like Sixpence check out this other gal named Sarah Mason. Harder to find, but she's not bad...
    That reminds me meeting Cy and we were all chatting and I said "well, I believe in serendipity." And he paused and said "oh yes, that's that lovely girl who makes those wonderful pound cakes." I said "No. That's Sara Lee."

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    Simple Minds
    Fountains Of Wayne
    Duran Duran
    John Hiatt
    Echo & The Bunnymen
    The Church
    New Order
    Depeche Mode
    del Amitri
    White Stripes
    Super Furry Animals
    The Payola$
    The Call
    Adam & The Ants
    The Clash
    "I will conquer
    Space around me"

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    ok, only 5 huh?

    here's what's been travelin in my car the last few days/hours...

    1) Boss Martians -Seattle band- Early ECostello on crack!
    2) The Church- My own-made greatest non hits!
    3) Johnny Cash- always carry my wallet and 5 JC discs- at all times!
    4) Hank Williams III- redneck deathmetal- awwlrighty then.
    5) reverend Horton heat- Spend a night in "the box"

    5.1) theJam, Oasis, StereoMCs, Sattalites, Bodeans, and Filter....


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    SuperSurly : Isn't it sad what happened to Adam Ant last week ? Poor guy...He needs to get in good hands...

    Some of my favorite bands :

    Elliott Smith
    Elvis Costello
    Billy Bragg
    Belle & Sebastian
    Big Country
    Simple Minds
    Soft Cell/Marc Almond
    Maria McKee
    Beautiful South
    Bob Dylan
    Juliana Hatfield
    Fountains Of Wayne

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    Outside of the Fixx, I would have to go with:

    1) Foreigner
    2) Alan Parsons Project
    3) Supertramp
    4) Electric Light Orchestra
    5) The Buggles

    They all have been outlasted by the Fixx.


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    In no particular order: I own more Fixx CD's than any other artists, still I also enjoy these
    Styx - Sting - B52's - Billy Idol - U2 - Queen - 80's greatest discs... new wave, punk, etc...
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    "You NO Me" - Kat

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    Some people have no shame admitting to liking some of these artists - Roxette for god sake ! Listen to your ears to paraphrase one of their dire songs.

    Anyway, just to keep up with everyone here are my five:

    1. Bill Nelson \ Red Noise
    2. Gary Numan \ Tubeway Army
    3. The Cult
    4. REM
    5. Peter Gabriel

    If you are into newer bands, the following are worth checking out:

    - Royksopp
    - Muse
    - Placebo

    Favourite Fixx song - Red Skies \ album Phantoms


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    B side the C side in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, UK
    Originally posted by fletch
    Some people have no shame admitting to liking some of these artists - Roxette for god sake ! Listen to your ears to paraphrase one of their dire songs.

    Soooo, we're a board of lyric analysts are we, whatever happened to liking music because it sounds good, for someone who obviously hasn't grasped the concept of music, it goes in the EARS + MAY / MAY NOT SOUND PLEASANT ACCORDING TO PERSONAL TASTE = THEREFORE IN THE PERCEPTION OF THE LISTENER IT'S GOOD.

    I'm no Numan fan, but take a look at the lyrics to We Are Glass, they any more understandable than Roxette's - Dress For Success, or It Must Have Been Love?

    We Are Glass.

    We are young, we can break
    Watch us fall
    We can take some train down to the sea
    We are glass, we are glass
    We are real, you can touch
    Just for now, and then say
    "hey you, which way is down?"
    We are glass, we are glass

    We slip down
    And old eyes don't cry for me
    'Cos I doubt I'm and I doubt you
    And never, never goin' to doubt
    We are glass, we are glass

    They run fast impressions
    Of the floors inviting
    Stay with me, stay with me
    They run past with telephones they scream
    Well would you turn all this down
    Trun all this down

    You are replaced you are you
    And our dreams are real and dreams are all we need
    We are glass, we are glass
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    Red face Reply to Stuart

    You are a sad case !

    PS - can I give you a list of songs so you can get the lyrics for me as well !

    PPS - keep that spirit alive !

    PPPS - How much (criticism) is enough ?

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    hello Jock, welcome to the board, a place of free speech, cvarry on my friend, won't take offence, just like a good argument!!!
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    B side the C side in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, UK
    we'll have to have a pint Fletch, worked in your fine city for years, still spend as lot of time there, how about calling into the Westburn Bar one evening, I'm always in on the last Monday of each month, or even Cee Dees, can't miss the place if you don't know it, just down from Cambuslang station, walk down to Clydesford Road and I'm frequently propping the bar when in town, remember to bring your singing voice though, I'll murder Roxette and you Gary Numan......
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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