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Thread: Any easy target, but still funny...

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    Any easy target, but still funny...

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    I have never been an Andy Dick fan but that was great....but, having watched this and posted in this thread, I have now limited my time to put "food on my family".
    "I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition was to eat, drink, and be Mary." ~ George Carlin.

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    In germany some people say it's like medicine. It's good against heartattack. If it is a lie - who cares?

    -- Heimo on red wine

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    I didn't realize that was Andy Dick at first, couldn't figure who the heck he was, he looks so much BETTER with straight hair! (yes, I am out of touch)

    It was a riot to watch, thanks.
    I am the winner in any event.

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