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    Private Message Length

    I believe private messages used to be restricted to 1000 bytes. One had to edit or delete quotes and shorten their messages to fit the 1000 byte limit. I see that the limit has been increased to 10000 bytes. Thank you, powers that be, for making our lives easier.

    I hope I'm right. Or there's egg on my face.....again.
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    Let me second that. Much easier to arrange things and have a good conversation! Thanks, Jeff!
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    Yeah, I noticed that silly restriction and bumped the number up. If you run into the 10k limit, let me know and I'll bump it up some more.

    By the way, when you see things like this, let me know - I'll happily look into whether it's easy to modify or not.

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    Thanks Jeff ... You are the GREATEST!!!!!

    How about a smooching smily face for when you want to send Hugs and Kisses....

    Hey ... it is alot nicer then the barfing guy....

    which I am sure some will want to use at my sugguestion of a kissing smily face ....

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