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Thread: new Simple Minds album

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    new Simple Minds album

    Their new album "Black & White 050505" is really good. And Mel's back on drums! It's nice to see these guys still putting out strong, new material. This one's very energetic & propulsive, full of Charlie's spacey guitar hooks. has audio clips; check it out.
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    i kinda liked the slighty techno approach on "Cry" love that cd.... never left my player for 3 months!

    their dvd filmed in italy (mostly in black/white) is Awesome!

    i still think SMs was the best band at Live Aid the original 85 philly concert!
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    I like Simple Minds too!

    I was so happy because I got to see two great acts for the price of one back in 2002 when they opened for INXS. I haven't hear their new stuff yet but I am a fan of all of their 80's hits and then some!!!

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