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Thread: The Saga Thread

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    Thumbs up Saga

    Hey! I love the FIXX, and I think most people who appreciate the FIXX can also appreciate SAGA, that is if you remember them. I bet most who read this don't get much if any "SAGA" played on their local radio stations, but their catalog of music is extensive and great and if you can't quite remember them, check out the links below, I'm sure you will remember atleast a few of their tunes that hit MTV back in the early 80's.

    While they may not be "commercially popular" in North America they are a great band, who has had much success on the other side of the world in Europe. It's funny how it can work a band is from North America yet, has a massive audience on the other side of the world. They do have North American fans too, just on a smaller scale when compared to Europe.

    If you're an old fan check out the site, if you're new to them, check the site out as well, you may just like them. If you like the FIXX, and I know you all do... I think you'll like SAGA.

    SAGA -

    TFF -

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    I must not forget to mention Rupert Hine produced one of SAGA's biggest albums "Worlds Apart" !! He did a great job on it.

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    I love the song "On the Loose" by Saga, but the one that really gets me pumped, is the long version of "Wind Him Up." Both are great tunes, and these are two songs that as you say, MTV played a bunch. Are there other good tunes? If so, maybe it's time I pickup a Saga cd because all I have in my library are the 45's. Is there a disc that has it all?

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    Hey mctalg,

    There are so many good tunes I could make a list pages long! It's like the Fixx for me... you can't just own a compilation cd, you have to get them all! Of course... if you only have the 45's a compilation CD is a great start. SAGA is re-mastering their catalog so that is something to look forward too, but they do have a couple compilation albums that I can recommend to you.

    "How Do I Look"... is one and it's a pretty good mix of tunes, but I'd suggest you get "Defining Moments" as it covers slightly more.

    There is a good discography page with some sound clips (in real audio) at that SAGA site I listed in my first post the direct link to the discography samples page is: The Complete Saga Discography

    The best place to order SAGA online is at, they have almost everything, so if you can't find it locally... here's the link to them. - SAGA CD's at HMV.COM

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    Images....thanks for your suggestions. I will look into them, and go from there.

    Take care!

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    May I suggest starting with Saga 1978-1993 All The Best? It has all the hits and some pretty cool tunes as well.

    I've never seen them live but a friend who also likes them saw them open for Styx last fall. He said unfortunately they sucked - they are definitely a studio band.

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    They are not just a studio band. I seen them open for Styx as well and I can tell you for what they had to work with (being stripped down) to make room for all of Styx's gear, they sure rocked the roof of the dump.

    Saga is the best live band I have ever seen, your friend was half right, but it's NOT because they aren't a good live band, they had a bad setup... I think Styx should have been opening for them, not the other way around. Saga got stuck with very little space and no room for equipment. It was not Saga's fault I can tell you that much, this band puts on a hell of a show!

    The only reason I didn't suggest "All The Best 1978-1993" is because I think it's out of print.

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    Saga's popularity

    its quite a bewilderment of the groups rather indifference
    fan base here in the states. oh they have fans here but can anyone spell out the last time Michael Jimmy/ Ian Crichton Steve Negus and Jim gilmour toured here? Interestly too I believe the band "holds court" in the states and records in Calif as well.
    1997's Pleasure and Pain was record at Sound Image Van Nuys Calif; 1999's Full Circle at Sound Images; 2000's Generation 13 at
    Goodnight Lab Van Nuys Calif and the recent House of Cards at Sound Images. Probably the guys dont want to sound like an overbloated Gordon Sumner or the latest bevy of Ozz Fest sweepstakes winners. Their music cant be catergorized into alternative, rap, death metal, or classic schlock! Viva bands/artists who eschew such absymal nonsense!

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    I believe the last time they toured the U.S. was in support of the "Behaviour" album. It is true they do record some of their albums in California, actually Jim Crichton lives in California now and since he produces most of their albums it would make sense that they were done in California. The rest of the band lives in Canada, and Michael Sadler now calls Germany his home as he lives there these days.

    I heard they were looking to maybe hook up with Dream Theater or another big name prog band to tour with in the States, if they can't find one... I guess it won't happen, but that would be cool!

    SAGA's music truly can't be categorized into anything other than their own brand of inspiring progressive synth rock. I love their music, it's so good, once you get hooked you're a fan for life.

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    Hello you all....

    ... yes that's right, you can compare Saga a little bit with the Fixx, sometimes the voice of Michael Sadler sounds like Cy's, and the clear sound of the albums between 81 and 85 is similar.

    I had seen them in April 2002 in Cologne/Germany and unfortunalety they have not more the resonance like in the early 80s. But steady and faithful fans like the Fixx. It was a good gig.

    Hope for you that they will tour in America someday, as it will be great if The Fixx will play in Germany again, because i fail to see them in 91.

    Cheers, Nox!

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    Thumbs up

    Saga is indeed one of the greatest bands ever; thanks for bringing them up on the Fixx forum. Their official site is
    Unfortunately they pretty much stick around germany and south america as far as touring; I was in Dallas seeing Rush on the Power Windows tour, outside talking to someone who said he had seen Saga in a club the night before, and it was so empty that they were hanging out with the audience and taking requests from the stage. Don't know if that's true but if so it's a sad commentary on the state of the American music market. Check out my site- - which references my book "The Answers to All the World's Problems" which in part describes why the American music industry (and others) has decayed.

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    fishnoises Guest
    Someone else brought up Saga on another thread. World's Apart is indeed and excellent album. My brother just gave that greatest hits cd for my birthday. It did bring back a lot of memories. I was in to them before the Fixx came along and blinded me to anyone else!

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    There has been much talk about The Fixx on the Saga message board,

    Both bands have a lot in common, and it seems, alot of shared fans

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    Do Fixx Fans Listen to Saga???

    Saga fans love the Fixx....just curious...Saga is a rock version of the Fixx.......

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    Smile I Used Too A Huge Fan

    Hello Whistler,

    I was a Saga fan for years. I used to live in Toronto, Canada and have been to several of their concerts.

    Wilkie UK is a big fan too.


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