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Thread: 2cd Set Pushed To January

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    2cd Set Pushed To January

    Well, I have no idea what RED Distribution is thinking in holding the 25th Anniversary Anthology until January 24th... but Rainman Records is confused about it too. They will miss the Holiday shoppers.

    Well their loss is OUR gain, "STAGE TWO: In The Public Eye" The Fixx Limited Edition Concert DVD will be delivered to manufacture on Monday, Oct 24 and require three weeks turnaround time for printing and packaging, and by then I hope we will have business affairs all proper and open up the FIXXTUFF online store for mailorder. Amen.

    So instead of buying your mailman/flight attendant/bartender/etc the 2CD Set, show them your love and generosity buy giving them the coolest self-produced band DVD around...

    here's the old thread on the Anthology:

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    Does this mean they'll be slapping a "6" sticker over the "5" in 25, since it comes out next year?


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    I wondered about that

    I can give you a little insight. I have seen this happen many times and have gotten insight from other artists. What happens is there is a glut of artists trying to get cds out before the holidays. It severly affects all the individual (roles) in the music business. The promotors, manufacturers/production, stores/music outlets, etc. Therefore they reserve cd releases for the artists that are projected to have the highest sales volumes....other artists are pushed back til after the holidays. If the Fixx was able to nail down a january time frame that is real good, because there are many artists like the Fixx that get shoved into the back ground. So the Fixx must be high on that list. Too be honest, I have seen this happen too. ...but it is very likely that this cd release might get postponed again.

    Hey, I am wondering about this dvd. Where do I go to order that. Actually more than anything I have been hoping for a Fixx DVD. So this turned out to be really good news for me.

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    The image you have linked to is for Stage Two.
    I think they are aiming for Nov 29 for that.

    As far as the 2 CD Anthology set goes they are trying to get it out by Jan 24.

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    Stage Two.
    I think they are aiming for Nov 29 for that.

    THAT would be the MOST perfect day for the release of STAGE TWO....

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    The 29th....

    I was hoping for the day before would be a much anticipated birthday present then....
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