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Thread: GREAT CT Shows!!!

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    Thumbs up GREAT CT Shows!!!

    Just wanted to say what a great time both CT shows were. Just to have 2 shows in CT was a blessing enough but to have 2 different playlists was an even bigger treat.
    Thanks to the band for always putting on a great show. Great to see my fellow fixxtures again as well!


    Hope all is well with everyone.

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    If anyone has the exact setlists of these shows I'd love to see them posted.

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    Talking set list - world premiere of falling apart together

    set list was pretty much the same except no less cities . was replaced by driven out.

    highlight of the evening was "FALLING APART TOGETHER" a new song. I'm pretty sure we in E. Hartford were the first ones EVER to hear unless I am mistaken.

    they didn't play at
    Mohegan,, I doubt they played it in Niagara. Kathleen told me they didn't play it at Tupelo.

    Nice Song....

    They also played woman on a train. I think i pays off when the audience is excited enought to get up and dance. the band feeds off the energy.


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    I agree, Mike!

    I've heard Woman on a Train before but usually the Woodland version. This version was more like the Phantoms version which is my preference

    Falling apart together was a great song. Can't wait to hear that and the other 3 new songs from the studio.

    Fatal Shore rocks live!!!

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    Set List - EH

    By the way, this is what I had for the East Hartford Show. Mike, make any corrections if needed....

    Driven Out (Less Cities at Mohegan)
    Are You Satisfied?
    Secret Separation
    Fatal Shore
    Life Goes On
    Everyone Believes In Something
    Remember Me When I'm Gone
    Stand Or Fall
    The Fool
    One Thing Leads To Another
    Deeper And Deeper
    Red Skies
    Falling Apart Together (Not played at Mohegan)
    Saved By Zero

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