View Poll Results: Which album covers do you like?

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  • Shuttered Room

    3 6.52%
  • Reach the Beach

    24 52.17%
  • Phantoms

    12 26.09%
  • Walkabout

    4 8.70%
  • React

    1 2.17%
  • Calm Animals

    12 26.09%
  • Greatest Hits (1989)

    0 0%
  • Ink

    1 2.17%
  • Missing Links (first cover)

    1 2.17%
  • The Fixx: In Concert

    0 0%
  • Real Time Stood Still

    0 0%
  • Elemental

    2 4.35%
  • Ultimate Greatest Hits (1999)

    1 2.17%
  • 1011 Woodland

    1 2.17%
  • Extended Versions

    2 4.35%
  • Millenium Collection

    1 2.17%
  • Missing Links (second cover in red)

    0 0%
  • Happy Landings and Lost Planes

    1 2.17%
  • Then and Now

    1 2.17%
  • Want that Life

    6 13.04%
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Thread: What's Your Favorite Fixx Album Cover?

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    What's Your Favorite Fixx Album Cover?

    Has this poll been done before? I thought it would be fun.
    You can pick the multiple album covers you like the most. If I had made it a single-vote poll I think "Reach the Beach" would probably be the only one to register votes. So vote for all those covers that you like.
    The covers can be found here: album covers

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    Calm Animals has always been my favourite cover art.

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    Hey....this was hard!!! I voted for Reach the Beach....but geez, I mean, Shuttered Room, Calm Animals, Want That Life, even Ink, I thought were good. None of them bad. Kinda like picking your favorite Fixx song or album....there might be a fave, but you really like them all!
    I also liked how the artwork for Reach the Beach and Phantoms were similar.
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    I wish they could have continued the George Underwood cover art for all their albums with all covers being a variation on the 'guy' from "Reach the Beach" and "Phantoms". Maybe for their next album in the Spring they could go back to that. I always thought it was very iconic.

    Notice how the 'missing links' cover incorporates a little bit of all past covers? Kinda cool.

    ALSO....! Remember you can vote for multiple album covers in this poll so by all means vote for all those you like.

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    I have been thinking about this one for a bit now, and it's been very hard to decide. I guess I will pick Calm Animals. This is like picking a favorite song too, very difficult, but a great question!
    I am the winner in any event.

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    Since he said I could pick more than one

    I selected Shuttered Room and Phantoms; I was drawn to the darkness and cubism, respectively. I also chose React, because I used to have that one and wore the tape out! The last one I picked was the Extended Versions, because I like the group photo...
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    I took Phantoms and Want That Life. There's also a lot to be said for Calm Animals and Elemental, as I see it. All the images are very well done: colorful, imaginative and pleasing to the eye. Can't miss no matter what you pick. John

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    Reach The Beach--such a strong image, great color placement, good composition, and organic, yet geometric feel.

    Want That Life--again, another strong one, the simplicity but strength of statement(s) made by that image.

    The Millenium Collection--well, what can I say? I like pictures of (Jamie and) all the guys! LOL!

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    Reach The Beach is such a classic cover. It would be nice to see some new G.U. art on a Fixx record.


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    hi i like all of them but reach the beach is my favorite cover dee

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    I vote for a different one, and it is not even on the poll list (although it is a single).
    I think George Underwood's cover art for the "Less Cities, More Moving People" single is my favorite, and personally I think it should have been the Phantoms cover.

    Link to view:

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    I'm in the Calm Animals club.

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    I like all their covers so it would be hard to make a decision there.
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    Oh jeeze, one too many to pick, so I'm just going to have to say I like them all!

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