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Thread: Reality Show Writers?

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    Reality Show Writers?

    I just saw a headline in the news that said "Reality TV show writers seek more pay." So what's the deal? It's REALITY- you're not supposed to WRITE IT before hand !!!
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    Wonderful logic on your part, Rhonda. I totally agree with you.

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    But in "reality", they are scripted and edited.

    Hey. I think we should see if we can come up with some good reality show ideas. (Just be sure you cash in and not someone else.)

    One that never aired was to have a regular guy run for U.S. President. I think a show like that could actually get a dark horse elected to our highest office. They could call it "Joe Blow for President".

    Or...Something like that.

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    Pete, that's a cool idea! I'm all for it. It'd be great if it worked.
    Here's another idea:
    My husband is in a band - he and the drummer are the "old guys" and Rob says that practices are hilarious. He's only recently joined them but The 3 Heads, as they are called, are from Humbolt and they've been in L.A. now trying to "make it" for 2 years. Rob has mentioned what a great reality TV show it would make just to film their practices- they're so hilarious. He says when Heath, the singer gets excited about something he starts running in circles and all over the house; they spend half their practices laughing!
    They've got a huge following of young beach babes (the 2 singers are REALLY goodlooking)...(This Saturday, they're playing The Roxy again at midnight by the way). They could have the 7:30 slot but I think they're going for the late one so the Killers' producer/engineer can some see them. They showcased for Island Records and blew it (that was before they had Rob)...anyway, it's the REAL stuff. It would be worth watching, for all the musicians out there!
    ...It's what you WILL WILL find...

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