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Thread: San |Diego Concert 7-20-00

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    Thumbs up San |Diego Concert 7-20-00

    The concert was very refreshing.
    My first one for the FIXX. I know, shame on me. The venue was about 300 people, upclose and personal; just the way it should be for every concert.
    The Fixx For ever !
    I cannot wait for the next tour in Sept/Oct.
    AB Saved by Zero

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    Hi A.B. Sounded like a great gig, only 300 fixxtures? I bet Cy Curnin was able to look each fan in the eyes at least once that night. Did he see you? I, too, think they are an awesome live band.

    Which Sept/Oct show dates are you refering to? I'm not aware of additional USA gigs. Thanks in advance.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by AB:

    I cannot wait for the next tour in Sept/Oct.

    Brian: I'm not sure. Cy just made the comment during the concert between songs.
    Just keep searching for the specifics.
    Most likely it will a small out of the way venue.
    I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND IT FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS. And yes, Cy and I did make a visual connection. He seems like a real cool person to hang out with!

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    For anyone who attended the show at Viejas. I was the guy (In the green polo shirt) in the second row, first seat!
    The one who sang all the songs...
    Had a great time and even better time hainging out with the guys after the show backstage- I guess it helps when you have been to 12 of there shows -They tend to remember you! Cheers-
    "The Ultimate FIXX Fan"

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