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Thread: Fixx Calendar? Just A Thought.......

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    Fixx Calendar? Just A Thought.......

    Has it occurred to anyone to make a 2006 Fixx Calendar? Would it be feasible to do so? Or even to consider this for future years? I tell ya, shoeman would buy one. And recommend it to others. Thus a year-long promotion for the band. How this occurred to me-----I usually shop for a calendar every December, and love seeing the new ideas that come out. And although, for example, the Lindsay Lohan Calendar is REALLY cute [blush] I would rather support my favorite band!!! So, just a thought for the Team. Allow me to bounce this idea off the wall. Thanks..........John.

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    That would be nice. I spent half an hour scouring through the calendars on the mall. Since they no longer make Dragonball Z - and The FIXX was not available - I finally settled for The Forces Of Nature.
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    Oooo! That would be wonderful!

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    I usually make my own with photos I took during the year. Costco does calendars over the internet for $9.99. You just can't beat that.

    If The Fixx were to make an official calendar I would most certainly buy one too.

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    That is a great idea actually.....

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    Count me in on that ... Where do I send the Check????

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    GREAT idea, shoeman!! I'd be all over that...but meantime Steve Pariseau's idea for making one through Costco is fantastic...I'm keeping THAT in mind!!

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    Lightbulb Excellent idea Shoeman!

    I like that calendar. Each of the guys should be featured on their birthmonth! I remember an old song, "I love I love my calendar girl" - replace it with boy and there ya' go. Tour pictures on the other months. Historical Fixx facts through out! Memo spaces to record upcoming important tour dates!!! SAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!

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