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Thread: Is It Just Me?

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    Is It Just Me?

    The day before making his PGA Tour debut, Daly learned that his wife was being taken to jail to serve a five-month sentence on a federal charge involving a drug ring and an illegal gambling operation.

    "It was just out of the clear blue," Daly said. "It was very tacky on the prosecuting attorney's part. Usually, you get two or three weeks so we can at least prepare, but he must not have kids. He's not a very nice guy, anyway."

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    This is an article about John Daly and his wife who is going to jail on "federal charge involving a drug ring and an illegal gambling operation."
    Ah John was she thinking of her kids when she committed the crimes???

    I think this is what our world is becoming. Do something wrong and point the finger at someone else. It is time we took responsibility for our actions.


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    Absolutely, it's always someone else's fault. People should start looking at themselves, before blaming others.
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    Amen to that Fixxation.

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