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Thread: office politics

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    office politics

    This guy, who I barly know, who works in my office, and I were having a conversation about some" Corporate Crap " that have been going on and he ended the coversation..."Well... You know, Jeanne,often One Thing Leads to Another" ....

    I must have had this really blank look on my face because he started cracking up and said " It is no secret around here, that you are a Fixx fan..."

    So I started laughing and asked " Are You?"
    and he replied .."..... I had Shuttered Room In the 80"s and I lost many nights of sleep waiting for Stand or Fall to be played on MTV. I think that Stand or Fall, to this Day, is the best video that was ever made. And I thought it had great representation of what was going on in the Fauklin Islands, at that time...."

    So, of course ... I dropped into my whole conversation about the board and the recent Cd ( he was shocked to know that they have been recording all these years) and the up coming tour....etc.....He was very excited and interested.....

    SO... it just goes to prove ... you never know where a Fixx fan is lurking... they may be right in the cubical behind you.... HA! lol!... and that word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.....

    of course... if you are running around the office humming Fixx songs all the time... that doesn't hurt either.... HA!! LOL!!!!!
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    Ha! That's great!

    Yeah...when I wrote something for my Speech class, I commented to my teacher that it was "the first time in months I'd written something important that didn't quote the Fixx," and his eyes widened in surprise as he exclaimed, "the FIXX?!" He then admitted that he didn't know much about them, and he'd have to "look into them more."

    I really don't think that many people realize I'm into the Fixx, even though I usually wear an alphabet-bead bracelet bearing the name of my favorite band.

    I should go around humming Fixx tunes more often, though...

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    Still have a handful of Cygnet's leftover tour cards out at my check-out counter--you'd be surprised how often folks comment, get into a conversation, or take them. Well, that and all The Fixx memorabilia I've got hanging up in the gallery as idea playing their music in the gallery on random mix in the CD changer. I'm working on ideas for my car, the orange VW convertible bug--but also wear that black crop top The Fixx shirt and the Want That Life around alot in my down time.
    I've even been identified out on the Brick Street as "That Fixx Lady"...LOL!
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    Originally posted by msmith1
    ...I'm working on ideas for my car, the orange VW convertible bug--
    Convertible Bug eh?
    I wanna see

    Someone should start a thread where Fixxtures can post a pic of their ride

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    Make it so, Number One.

    Mine is affordable, gets good gas mileage, and can carry camping equipment.
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