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Thread: Fixx Shows -- An Odyssey

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    From Steve:

    Walkabout was my favorite performance of the night.
    They've done that live? Does it measure up to the album's recording?

    Who cares. That's one of my top Fixx songs. Would they ever do it again live?

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    Originally posted by Steve Pariseau
    No way Dude!

    That was Dustin Nulf who asked Rupert that question. I was there with a gray Walkabout shirt.

    I have a few pictures up of the meet and greet. Look here and tell me if you are in the background of any of these photos.

    We probably brushed shoulders, at the least, Gunman.

    Small world.
    Man, that was a great show. Steve taped part of it to cassette, but the recording was a bit muffled. Their early version of Lighthouse was phenomenal! The bouncer was yelling at me to sit down (at a music show!) :P

    I talked to Rupert and Chris Tait for a good while after the show, until the bouncers started to kick people out (again, unnecessarily so). I saw them the previous night in San Fran, but that show was more of a festival setting.

    Does anyone know what Chris Tait is presently up to?

    (Hi Steve! Long time...!


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    AWESOME to have you come out of the wood work.

    I don't know who taped the show. It was a guy with a recorder in his backpack and he had to leave early so he didn't get the whole show. I think if I look around for my copy his name might be on it somewhere.

    Glad you joined the board Dude.
    You still in TX?

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    More more more

    I started this thread ages ago and it was a fun one. Needed to update it, so I'm just adding onto my last entry, which was the first entry.


    29. Hard Rock Las Vegas, NV. Awesome show. Awesome fans. Awesome video afterwards that I still enjoy watching on Youtube.

    30. Ramshead Tavern in Annapolis, MD. I recall Cy tasked me with counting people in the audience. It was a nice crowd. Good soundcheck pictures. One in particular of Adam turned out. He's very tricky there behind the drum kit, so sound check is pretty much it. That made me happy.


    31. Hard Rock Velvet Sessions, Orlando, FL. What a scene those things are. Very intimate in a way, but with around 400 totally drunk people trying to hook up with each other, it's just insane. Guys had a great show though. Lots of energy.

    32. Pier Six Baltimore, MD. Fourth of July. I remember this vividly now because of the rain. Not just rain. It was like something from the bible that fell down on us. We were under the pavilion mostly, but I recall that it was so heavy it began leaking in places. The place is on an angle and the water just rushed downhill under our feet. Crazy. Not as great a crowd as expected because of the rain. Fixx with Psyc Furs and the Alarm. Mike Peters impressed me for his passion up there. Everybody in the audience loved him. Fixx had a solid set.

    33. Sketchy. I know it was some place up in Pennsylvania. Around Harrisburg? Kind of a bar with a deck outside. I have no recollection of the name of it. I remember we were late. It was very crowded. A bar crowd. Very blue collar. Nice hang out afterward on the deck while the guys did the meet and greet. Maybe somebody else was there and can refresh my memory?


    34. NTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA - Rockin' the Colonies with the Alarm and the English Beat. Fantastic to meet Danny Brown. What a sweet fellow. And Rupert wore a very cool shirt I enjoyed photographing. Also snapped a photo of Cy with Mike Peters. The set list had some surprises, which was great. Dr. Roger was a prince and even encouraged me to crawl out on stage for some pictures. Too scary there in front of the amps for me. I didn't stay there long! Did get good shots though.

    35. Unicity Arts Festival, Middletown, DE. Weird show. Not a great crowd. New event so it wasn't well attended yet. But the guys are a class act and played like it was any other show. Ed was there! So were lots of other great people.


    Number 36 is coming. Once again, I feel extremely fortunate.

    Hope others will contribute once more to this thread. I think it's nice to share some history. I would certainly like to read more stories from everybody else.

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    I still have almost all of these ticket stubs, so i know those dates for sure:

    07 AUG 1983 Hollender Stadium Rochester, NY- AFOS, the Police $15.00

    01 DEC 1984 Laker Hall SUNY Oswego, NY Swimmin Pool Cues 10.00

    09 DEC 1984 Stanley Theatre Utica, NY Swimmin Pool Cues 10.00

    23 JUN 1986 War Memorial Syracuse, NY Moody Blues 15.50

    21 JUL 1986 War Memorial Binghamton, NY Moody Blues 15.50

    03 APR 1989 Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY Hard Reigns 14.50

    16 APR 1989 Maxcy Ice Arena SUNY Potsdam Hard Reigns 12.50

    10 JUL 1997 Capt. Trips... Utica, NY *1st US Elemental show Guest List

    13 JUN 1998 Daytonaís Pasadena, MD Elemental tour 10.00

    02 NOV 2000 Vanderbilt Plainview, NY Malibu Sue Party Guest List late start!

    31 JUL 2001 WWF The World Times Sq NYC No support Guest List

    16 NOV 2002 Jannus Landing St. Petes FLA 80s 20.00

    07 NOV 2003 Revolution Hall Troy, NY Guest List

    08 NOV 2003 Pickle Barrel Killington,VT acoustic dude 20.00

    01 JUL 2004 Hooligans Liverpool, NY 15.00

    08 JUL 2004 the Downtown Farmingdale, NY Missing Persons Guest List

    21 MAR 2005 Revolution Hall Troy, NY Guest List

    25 MAR 2005 the Continental Buffalo, NY Guest List

    26 MAR 2005 Armory Square Syracuse, NY NCAA party FREE

    22 OCT 2005 Seneca Niagara Niagara Falls, NY The Knack/FIXX 20.00

    22 OCT 2005 Seneca Niagara Niagara Falls, NY FIXX/Knack 20.00

    11 APR 2006 The Haunt Ithaca, NY 15.00

    13 APR 2006 Woodlands Hotel S-WilkesBarre, PA 7 bands Guest List

    07 SEP 2006 Revolution Hall Troy, NY 20.00

    wow -its been 3 years since ive been to a show- cant wait for some new material... lord knows ive seen the old songs enough times!...

    make sure to write some reviews for this 2009 tour please! : )
    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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