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Thread: Preciousstone75's Birthday!

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    One of my kids just brought me a purse from Victoria's Secret! Inside there was a gang of stuff- a three-piece gift set of Lovespell and Angels' Heavenly perfume!

    He's my favorite kid!

    It was a good day. Nice and quite w/few commercial interruptions. A day off indeed! Got myself a GREAT nap! The cake will be annihilated shortly!
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    Well is he trying to get an A?

    Nice gifts Precious! Was that kid brown nosing for good grades or did he truly make a statement that we already know? That is right you are the heavenly angel's lovespell ! Now if you don't like his gift I'll tell you where you can send it for June 16th - lol! Hope you are enjoying every moment of your special day! Wished I can have a piece of that cake! I am considering going on the South Beach Diet so I will not look like a Beached Whale at the pool this year. Talking myself out of chocolate and sweets is something I am trying hard to do but not succeeding yet!

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