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    richard gave us hepites c unlesss u slept with someone other than him

    Originally posted by pipsqueak
    Daft Punk : Around The World - Harder Better Faster Stronger

    and now I'm dance'n like ah monkey
    daft punk aye i miss listening to that the bosss mon jumped out our window he is hurt really bad i took him to a vet and he broke his leg and has other minor wounds i can noy afford to have them fix him they said they need 250 dollars so i nay have him put to sleep which i do not want to do well spike cries alot i think he misses momo so we cry togetger you remember when he gave you a hickie or my super frowny face well could we be friends at least i am taking pics of the roses at the rose garden 4 you remember how lucky you always were with poker i swear my pocket aces would lose to your 2 5 off suit everytime crazy luck well please call or write me i miss you so much its like part of me is missing like i lost my happiness or laughter and do not know where i left it only in my dreams do i laugh anymore and you are telling me knock knock jokes in them a nd tickling me i never want to wke that is the only thung i have my whole self and you are in all of them oh well how you can love and forget i wish you could show me that trick and by the way i am not burnin g anything actuall i quit smoking due to my heart its in bad shape and i got tested the other day and rgey said i had something which richard had to give to you because you was the only person i was ever with since i tested last timed i havehepetites c the one that can kill you and richard must of had it as well

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    It surfaces a couple times per year on eBay. Start an automatic search there for it and you will be notified when a new item is placed for bid.

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