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Thread: Happy 420 !!!

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    Happy 420 !!!

    Happy 420 to you !
    Happy 420 to you !
    Happy 420 for everyone,
    happy 420 to you !

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    STILL stuck in the water slide at the Vegas Hard Rock pool...
    As only YOU could deliver it, dear Doctor...

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    "And the Vino di Vici will flow like a river in spring,
    Now the fix(x), the fix(x) is in." - Elbow

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    And a Happy 420 to you, Doc & Bash....and for that matter all Fixxtures....
    "I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition was to eat, drink, and be Mary." ~ George Carlin.

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    cracking up!

    why does that remind me of two dudes with the same initial (C?)?

    cheech and chong!
    "Even the devil may cry when he looks around Hell and realizes that he is all alone"

    Acheron Parthenopaeus

    (Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devil May Cry)

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    I was just rushing home to wish everyone a happy 420 - and there you all were!

    We celebrated in the usual style - at the creek. Let me just say this- this season the creek seemed unusually high. We crossed it without mishap on the way to the 420 rock - but on the return it wasn't so easy. My "creek guide" tripped - and since I was hanging on - well, yes - we both took a nice chilly swim. My funky sandals were like wooden boats being grabbed and pulled by the current. That's why I needed the guide - but he wasn't as helpful as I had hoped. Needless to say - we all had quite the laugh. And the swim was rather refreshing.

    Happy 420 everyone.
    ~Bathe In A Turning Tide~

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    well... since I had to ask a co worker what 420 means ....

    I will just say ... HAPPY 420 everyone....
    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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