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Thread: Detroit Show June 3 DTE (Pine Knob)

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    Copied from the " So what is it?" thread...

    I was at the show in Detroit this past weekend. I was not sure what it was until my friend at the show told me. The thing on a string is supposedly the current show you are plug it into your computer and you can watch the show on the computer anytime you would like. In Detroit they played at the DTE Energy Theater....they have the show on the big screen tvs. I believe the Fixx takes the video from the show and transfers it to the 'thing'. They charge $25 for it.

    My self, I would of like to have it.....but did not have any additional money to spend at the show. I was also very unfamiliar with this product and decided to pass. Now if the Fixx makes these available at a later date at the show I would probably do it but would prefer to have the video transfer to a dvd. What happens with a lot of these type of products is that they become obsolite after a few years. If I am going to purchase it I want it forever. I guess lack of product knowledge also contributed to me not buying one.

    About the show, The Fixx were awesome. Some bands have it and some do not. The Fixx gets better with age. Also, on the show....Tommy Tutone opened up. He was ok....only given 30 minutes to play. Pushed his newer stuff and played snippets of older stuff. Guess you can not blame him if he is only given 30 minutes....kinda a shame....wondered why he even bothers getting 30 minutes. The Knack in my opinion was the worst of the three....sound was kinda muffled. At least the Fixx and Tommy Tutone had good sound. The Knack seemed like cartoon characters. The Lead Singer thinks he is Paul McCartney....the Drummer who was the only none original was the best of the band and kinda looked like Jack Black. I only knew 5 Knack songs and wondered afterwards how the heck did the Knack become headliners. The Fixx played the setlist everyone is seeing....left out Driven Out, but still a strong set...great show.

    After the show the Fixx and 'Tommy Tutone' talked with fans and signed autographs. The Fixx guys are great.....think Ruppert and Jamie are the best but all the guys are great. Funny thing about 'Tommy Tutone'. The lead singer was signing Tommy Tutone as his signature. His name is Tommy Heath...Tommy Tutone is the band name. I heard him in interviews in the past used to bother him that he was called Tommy Tutone. Guess that changed....I told him his name wasn't Tommy Tutone and he said you guys changed his name for him. He also, seemed pissed that I didn't buy one of his shirts when I asked for an autograph. That stuff didn't matter to the Fixx. I didn't purchase anything because I have all their stuff at home....they didn't seem to mind...great guys.
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    Re: Copied from the " So what is it?" thread...

    Originally posted by Crucified
    ...The Knack in my opinion was the worst of the three....sound was kinda muffled. At least the Fixx and Tommy Tutone had good sound. The Knack seemed like cartoon characters.
    "Cartoon characters" - yeah, maybe that's why their tour is refered to as a "fun house". I think they named their DVD Rock N Roll Fun House. When you are selling tickets to an event called a "Fun House" it's no wonder the place was darned near empty.

    The Knack wasn't that bad though. They were tight, you should admit that. As far as them sounding muffled, it might have something to do with the bassist having his stack turned up full frickin' blast.

    Crucified is right. The Fixx were the best act there. Sad thing is that only 2200 people were there. In a place that holds 10,000, 2200 looked like no one was there as they were nearly evenly divided between the seats and the lawn section way up top.

    With Ira at the helm, the sound for The Fixx was stellar. Even with a couple glitches that Ira told me about later (that I hadn't even noticed during the show), it still sounded terrific.

    It was a pleasure to have met Peter Beckwith, a friend of the band's and a couple gals Wendy, a photographer from a magazine, and Lynne, a truly insightful soul. I wish I had met Crucified. Didn't know which one was you. I was the guy in the bright green shirt running around taking photos. The only other person I met was a guy from another message board I frequent. A pro photographer named Scott who takes photos for various magazines and other publications. He's got his own photo gallery called Behind The Barricade just loaded with live show pics from just about any band you can think of. Take a look if you have time.

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    I had a bright green shirt too. I had seat about 10 rows back in the center. I was sitting in front of a group of 2 girls and 2 guys that stood up the whole concert who were yelling 'We came to see the Fixx' a bunch of times at the show. I might have a few pictures....a friend took a picture of me on his cell phone with Cy and Ruppert.

    We should have some community postings before shows trying to gage who is there I had no idea you were there either.

    As for the small turnout. I think I can explain it. First off, the Fixx where the third show there this season......not much time to promote. The Theater did not release it's schedule til late this year about a month before the shows. Also, although this was not the case with the FIXX, shows have gotten too expensive. Also the same bands come to the theater every year. But many shows cost $100 for pavillion if not they cost about $55 then you pay the parking fee tacked on before the tickets.....then you pay enormous Ticketmaster fees. Tickets were $26.50 for this show then you add the parking fee and the Ticketmater fees and the show is about $40. I was smart, I see how the theater promotes these shows. They put tickets on sale at the regular price...see how many tickets sell then they release these vouchers about a week before the show.....I ended up getting tickets for $16.50. Then what I do realizing that many of the closer seats are season ticket holders I just move up into there seats. Still by the time the night was done I ended up spending $60....beers and food. That is why I was saying I never got the 'thing on a string' dropped a lot and was unfamiliar with the product. Plus, lot of expenses coming up......a lot of people know all this going in too and that is why many shows don't get HUGE crowds because a lot goes into these shows. Hey, I had a great time worth every penny but people gotta be more picky about what they see nowadays because shows are expensive.

    Another problem that might of caused lower turnout was that it was raining all day long. People considering buying lawn tickets were like I don't want to sit on the wet ground and then thought it could rain later. It was raining when I first got there....stopped in time for the shows.

    I thought the Knack was pretty lousy.....ok if they were the opening act.....but no business being headliners. Some may like it...they sounded almost like a garage band (sound wise).......with suits on and rehearsed stage moves. Maybe the sound was worse because I was a few rows further back then I was when the Fixx played......I thought the Fixx was louder. Plus every Knack song sounded the same....all the same tempo and got old after a while. Reminded me of the time I saw Wang Chung as a headliner....the Fixx may of opened for them too and I was like Wang Chung?????? You gotta be kidding me. At least I stayed for the whole Knack show.

    Hope you post pictures from the show. I forgot to bring my camera and a cell phone camera had no zoom....the band looked too small in the pictures.

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    Re: Re: Copied from the " So what is it?" thread...

    Originally posted by Steve Pariseau
    Sad thing is that only 2200 people were there.
    Holy moly. In Lemont, I think there were around *50.* And one of them was extremely verbal and kind of scary; I think that the overall experience had everything to do with why Cy didn't speak with anyone (at least not that I saw) after. It was wonderful chatting with Jamie and Rupert, though.

    I'm sure the guys have seen it all. Still, our show had to be pretty prominent, if they were to think of bad gigs (not performance-wise) they've had.

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