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Thread: Albuquerque Concert Review

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    Thumbs up Albuquerque Concert

    My Family left Amarillo Texas Saturday morning and drove to Albuquerque NM for a five band 80's rock concert! The drive was around four and a half hours and not much to see during the drive. We arrived in time to get settled into our Room and go to the show! My wife and I met and were married in 1983 so this music is somewhat special! Our Daughter is 15 and son is 6 and has now been attending concerts since last summer! The Sandia Casino Amphitheater was easy to find and get to! A very nice place for a concert! The Opening Act Was The Motels and they played all their songs to the crowds pleasure! I was not a big motels fan ...UNTIL now They were Wonderful. The second band was The Outfield. The Outfield had to wait out a 20-minute rainstorm, which started with a huge gust of wind that rattled the Stage. My Wife and Daughter were in line to get food when the wind hit and not wanting sand in the Hamburgers decided to wait until later! The Storm Caused about an hour delay. The stage crew did an outstanding job of drying off the stage. The Outfield performed to perfection! They played all the songs I knew and then some. The vocals were perfect! It too us back to our dating years! The Next Band was The Fixx.... I only knew 2 of their songs, Saved by zero and as we called it to this point the other one. But wait... This band is good, no this band is very very good! What a performance! Girls were dancing everywhere people were immensely enjoying The Fixx. They Played songs I did not know were their songs. I saw young and old singing with the band! The Fixx had indeed given the fans their FIXX! The Fixx is very Talented and sounded as good in person as on cd! The Next Band was Asia, what can I say..... outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only Carl and Steve were there! Even with out what a sound! GD even played Video Killed the Radio Star fro the Buggles days (which is special since I heard it for the first time while in London in October 1979 on holiday) in the early 80's. They performed flawlessly and well I could of enjoyed another hour of them myself!!!!! The Last band was Berlin. I knew very little of their music..but wow what a show. I have to buy some of their music soon! Berlin closed the show, said good night, most all left and then Berlin came back out and performed several songs of other bands that Berlin enjoys! They did an outstanding job on M. Mansons "Dope Show" This 80's show started at 4pm and was over around midnight!!! If ANY of these Bands come near you GO SEE THEM! All are great!
    One Down side .... Please get Tee shirts in at least XXXL And sign Autographs after the shows..... For a nominal fee!!!!!
    Oh yes: On the drive home the song that my Daughter and I could not get out of our head was "One thing leads to Another" Now we are The FIXX fans Forever!
    Thanks to 105.1FM the 80ís station for making the show possible! I wish that the Amarillo FM stations would bring Concerts to Amarillo to save the travel time!!
    80ís Music is Back and its about Time!

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    Wow! Thanks for the review! I was at this same show also. Here's the review I wrote for a few 80s mailing lists I'm on:

    I saw the 80's Fest 2001 show on Sunday, July 15th in Albuquerque, NM. Wow! What
    a show! 5 bands - and all of them except for The Motels played for 60-75 minutes. It
    was an outdoor event at Sandia Casino Amphitheater. I was up in the front row center
    with my two kids (ages 7 and 10) for the entire show.

    The Motels opened the show at 4:00pm with "Suddenly Last Summer". Martha Davis
    still looks and sounds great. They played for about 40 minutes. I'm not familiar with
    most of their catalog, but their set was really enjoyable. They closed with "Only The
    Lonely". Suprisingly, they didn't play "Take The L", which was a pretty big MTV and
    radio hit back in the day. Martha Davis made a fingers-down-the-throat gesture
    when somebody in the audience suggested she play it, so maybe she's just tired of
    playing it.

    Next, came a rainstorm which delayed the show by about 45-60 minutes. The weather
    cleared up, however, and after drying off the stage with one of those electric leaf blower
    things, the show continued.

    The Outfield came on next. I've just started getting into The Outfield after seeing their
    video, "Your Love", on VH-1 Classic. They were outstanding! I'm not sure what song
    they opened with, but they played "Say It Isn't So", "For You", "Mystery Man", "After
    the Storm", "Everytime You Cry", "I Don't Need Her", "Since You've Been Gone", "All
    The Love", "Your Love", plus some other stuff I didn't recognize. I must resemble the
    singer, Tony Lewis, because before the show two people asked me if I was the singer of
    The Outfield. Oh, and during their stage bow - the drummer threw his drum sticks to
    my two kids. I thought that was pretty cool of him.

    The Fixx came on next. They were fantastic! It was the original line-up minus the
    bassist. The singer, Cy Curnin, is an amazing front-man! He was all over the place!
    He really gestures and uses his hands a lot while singing. The band has really aged
    well. They look basically the same as they did in the 80s. They opened with "Stand or
    Fall". Next, they played "Driven Out", "Are We Ourselves?", "Precious Stone", "Built
    For the Future", "Secret Separation", "Deeper and Deeper", "One Thing Leads to
    Another", and "Red Skies" (performed, appropriately, at sunset). They also played
    some other stuff that I'm not familiar with. They encored with "Saved By Zero". Note:
    during "One Thing Leads To Another" a very stacked woman skipped over the
    barricade and started dancing seductively before being whisked away by security. I
    thought that was pretty funny.

    Next came Asia. They came on about 9:00pm with that James Bond-theme intro tape.
    I'm not sure exactly what their opening song was, but they played: "Wherever You
    Are" (from the new album, "Aura"), "Arena", an keyboard instrumental version of
    "Video Killed the Radio Star", "Days Like These", "Who Will Stop The Rain?", "Sad
    Situation", "Military Man", "Ready To Go Home" (also from "Aura"), "Only Time Will
    Tell", "Go", and "Heat of the Moment". I'm not familiar with all of their catalog, but they
    played a few other songs I didn't recognize. All of it was great though, and I've
    promptly ordered "Alpha", "Arena", and "Aria" from AOR Heaven (all three of which
    are available in the $6-$8 price range). John Payne has an awesome voice, but he
    seemed kind of nervous when talking to the crowd I thought. The drummer is Chris
    Slade (the bald drummer from AC/DC during the early 90s). He has the "Aura" cover
    art on his drum head. Geoff Downes had a *massive* keyboard set-up. He had about
    9 different keyboards arranged and stacked around him.

    Rounding out the show was Berlin with Teri Nunn. To be perfectly honest, I was
    shocked she was the opening act since she really had only two big hits ("No More
    Words" and "Take My Breath Away"). She was awesome though! Her backing band
    consisted of a keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, and female back-up singer (no bassist).
    She opened with a tape of that "2001:A Space Odyssey" music and then quickly
    launched into "Masquerade". Also in her set was: "Angel's Wings", "No More
    Words", "Pleasure Victim" (performed acoustically), "Take My Breath Away",
    "Dancing in Berlin", "Sex...(I'm A)". She played a number of new songs that will be on
    an album to be released later this summer. She came out into the audience to perform
    for two songs. After their final song, the crowd started leaving and a lot of people had
    already left, but the band came back on stage anyway to perform two final songs: a
    cover of Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show" and another cover song that I didn't catch the
    name of. She was singing right in my face for "Dope Show"! Pretty cool! She's still as
    hot as ever!

    Overall, fantastic show! I think this tour has a few more US dates scheduled for this
    summer. Definitely go if you get the chance!


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    wouldn't this be better?

    The drummer is Chris Slade (the bald drummer from AC/DC during the early 90s). He has the "Aura" cover art on his bald head.

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