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Thread: July 1st Grover Beach, CA show (Central Coast)

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    July 1st Grover Beach, CA show (Central Coast)


    The Fixx will perform live at Mongo's in Grover Beach, California. Grover Beach is located on California's Central coast nesteld among what is known as the "Five Cities". Modern day Pismo Beach, Avilia Beach, Shell Beach, Grover Beach, and Arroyo Grande. The Five cites are flanked by the larger communities of San Luis Obispo (a college town (Cal Poly)) and Santa Maria (a farming community (strawberries mostly)).

    I'm happy to see the show being listed at a couple of major central coast web sites such as Central Coast and the most popular music outlet on the central coast Boo Boo Records. Tickets are available at Vallitix and Tickets West (essentially, the same site).

    I invite you ALL to come play with me and The Fixx in my backyard

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    Re: July 1st Grover Beach, CA show (Central Coast)

    Originally posted by Steve Pariseau
    I invite you ALL to come play with me and The Fixx in my backyard
    Oh no! More and more special events I am going to miss...
    I was thinking of stayin in your backyard in a tent that day.
    But glad for you all!

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    Um, Steve,

    I hope your back yard is 10,000 square feet..... you could have a stampede!

    Could be fun though......


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