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Thread: Kennel Club, Dr. Roger, Vice Grip and Fixxy Stixx

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    Kennel Club, Dr. Roger, Vice Grip and Fixxy Stixx

    The Kennel Club venue was much better than portrayed on their website - very nice, indeed. The show was great, good sound system, lots of dancing people. Vice Grip showed up!! Yay!!

    Dr. Roger introduced the band again, also giving props to the sponsors (Bail Bonds and Neon Signs!) and pumping up the crowd for the show and the encore (not to mention pushing the show-on-a-stick USB Fixxy Stixx).

    As an added bonus, his intros are on the recording they sold after the show..

    Our Fixxy Chixx were selling the Fixxy Stixx at a brisk pace! I think we're down to only four..

    (Ed, it would be nice if it said "The Fixx" on both sides, or at least the website URLs on the other side, if the cost isn't too much).

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    you mean ta tell me, no one swiped the set list????

    curious to see what the layout was over two sets...

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    Set list!

    The Fixx - 02jul06 - Sacramento, CA - Kennel Club

    Fixx The - 02jul06 - Sacramento CA - Kennel Club.mp3
    1 - Chase the Fire
    2 - How Much Is Enough?
    3 - Driven Out
    4 - Are You Satisfied?
    5 - Secret Separation
    6 - Fatal Shore
    7 - Life Goes On
    8 - Everyone Believes in Something
    9 - Remember Me When I'm Gone
    10 - Stand or Fall
    11 - Woman on a Train
    12 - One Thing Leads to Another
    13 - Deeper and Deeper
    14 - Red Skies
    15 - Saved by Zero
    Total: 01:19:36
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    Still No " The Fool"


    BUMMER... I really love that song in the set .. because it give each member a chance to shine.... especially Jamie and Rupert....
    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

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    Sac Show

    The Sacramento show at The Kennel club was great! This club is painted in lots of day glow flourescent colors, seems retro to the 60's in theme, but the 80's in spirit.

    Tom, the owner, is a gracious host and a big fan of the Fixx. Although grossly under-promoted, the crowd was small but intimate. They were obvious Fixx lovers. Tom already wants to talk about the Fixx again next year at his place!

    Great to see Vise Grip, who just appeared in front of the stage out of nowhere. I was shocked and pleased to meet him there. It was a good show in spite of the next door business ( !!!!

    As usual, Bash, Pippi, Wingo, etc., were instrumental in selling the merch, the Mobile Bar upkeep, and those other critical tasks.

    I'll also remember this show as the one where Cy performed barefoot on the carpeted stage.

    Much Love,

    Dr. Roger

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    Originally posted by Jeanne Thelen
    Still No " The Fool"


    BUMMER... I really love that song in the set .. because it give each member a chance to shine.... especially Jamie and Rupert....
    They performed The Fool in KC on May 31st (and I believe a couple other venues had it in the review section, in the setlist), not sure if they're going to sell the USB sticks for past concerts though.

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    A cool venue with great staff - really helpful during merch setup and loads of fun. They kept bringing out a little bulldog puppy to visit us. His name was Tucker, and he was an adorable little guy. As usual, the good doc introduced the band and got everyone up and ready for the good times - thanks for plugging the merch so well, also. Vise Grip's presence always makes things extra special, so it was great to see him there - thanks for the pictures, Vise, and I will see you at the Devil! Pip and I had a blast selling DVDs and Fixx Stixx (with special sauce, of course!) - thanks to Wings for help with the setup!

    Thanks again to Doc for supplying the space for the Mobile Bar so we could enjoy Mixx Mistress Pip's very best concoctions! It's 420 somewhere...and thanks to the two especially dashing gents who helped me carry in the bar supplies.
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    Ah yes.....the grocery lads. They were dashing, weren't they.

    Don't fret Jeanne - The Fool got played eventually - Was it Brentwood? It's all a fuzzy warm blur.............................................. ..........Pippi go night night now.
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