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Thread: Favorite Bassists and Why

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    Favorite Bassists and Why

    Hi everyone!

    I am a relatively new (and not very advanced) bassist. I started playing in January 2005, and one of my bass heroes is Nigel Griggs from Split Enz. At times SE and the Fixx have sounded similar. In fact, I've shared some Fixx music with friends of mine who are Enz fans. The Fixx has always been good for a great bass sound (the classic Dan K Brown).

    I have had the rare fortune of actually getting to know my bass hero personally (yay, Griggs!), but I now want to explan my circle of musical influences. So, here I am, and I've got a two part question for all of you.

    Wo are your favorite bassists and WHY do you like them?

    I don't want only names. I want to know what you actually like about this person's playing. Why is s/he good and what should I be listening for when I hear that person's music? Your rec's would really help me a whole lot, so thanks in advance.
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    Hey yah and welcome! This may be a long one...I first picked up the bass because of Chris Squire (you better know who that is! from YES for those that don't). Why? Because his sound is so unique and complicated - he really steps out of the traditional role of link between drummer and the rest of the band. Very inventive - he has no limits when it come to playing!

    Runner up is of course Geddy Lee (Rush): same reasons, mostly but I heard Chris first.

    I have really come to respect Mike Dirnt (GreenDay): his playing is elegant even when in a supprtive role and David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets): master of the fretless, who can step in almost as the guitar player. AWESOME sound in their new song Adrenaline.

    And of course I respect Gary Tibbs - Gaz you know I love that nice easy groove you have!


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    All of the following for their haunting and soulfull fretless playing on the specific songs:

    Dan K. Brown -"Walkabout", Camphor and "Read Between the Lines" from "Walkabout)
    Guy Pratt -"Paradise" and "The Flame" from Icehouse's Measure for Measure
    Stephen Morgan or Andy Cichon (two bassists were listed on the album)- "The Kingdom" from Icehouse's Man of Colours
    Eberhard Weber- "Mother Stands for Comfort" from Kate Bush's Hounds of Love
    Mick Karn- "Gentlemen Take Polaroids", "Swing", and "My New Career" from Japan's Gentlemen Take Polaroids

    Standard fretted work-
    Mark Heyward-Chaplin-- for his clever counterpoint to Thomas Dolby's vocals in the intro and main body and wonderfully haunting melodic lines using his Fender Jazz in the coda on "Airwaves" from The Golden Age of Wireless

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    My favorite bass players , Dan Brown explanation necessary right ? Chris Squire ......Yes is in my top 5 band list , very innovative , RIP Chris . Gary Thain (RIP ).......(some of the youngsters will have to look up this one ) I am a big fan of the early Uriah Heep stuff , he is all over that bass , at times he looks like he is playing lead . One of my favorite videos is "Sunrise" with David Byron ( RIP ) on vocals

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