Hi everyone!

I am a relatively new (and not very advanced) bassist. I started playing in January 2005, and one of my bass heroes is Nigel Griggs from Split Enz. At times SE and the Fixx have sounded similar. In fact, I've shared some Fixx music with friends of mine who are Enz fans. The Fixx has always been good for a great bass sound (the classic Dan K Brown).

I have had the rare fortune of actually getting to know my bass hero personally (yay, Griggs!), but I now want to explan my circle of musical influences. So, here I am, and I've got a two part question for all of you.

Wo are your favorite bassists and WHY do you like them?

I don't want only names. I want to know what you actually like about this person's playing. Why is s/he good and what should I be listening for when I hear that person's music? Your rec's would really help me a whole lot, so thanks in advance.