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Thread: Yikes!!!!!!

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    Red face Yikes!!!!!!

    What is going on here on this board? Look under Lighthouse from the Sexy Girl from Russia - How did that slip past?

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    Maybe since the Fixx are categorized as politically not in line, they feel a need to tempt the males here into an underage rendezvous, only to put them away in jail, and thus reducing the fan base effectiveness and silencing these views.

    If that's not the reason, then by default I blame Ahmadinejad.

    I've been lurking...

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    Posts here at do not need to be "approved" before they appear. Posts are displayed in real time. Therefore, it takes until a moderator comes around and reads what's going on before one of us can do the appropriate filing.

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    Beached male, you are soooo funny! Yeah I guess in order to keep the male population up (no pun intended) on this webpage it could be a fix (again no pun intended).

    Steve, thanks for clarifying why that made it to the boards. So here I am always trying to be cautious with my expletives and then comes along this Broad who wants to show us her brains! (or at least where she sits on them!) So sorry I opened it!

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    Thank you, distinguished moderators, for removing that filthy message.

    Can we now also ban sexygirl813292?

    That was too offensive to allow a second chance........

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