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    Arizona Fixxture

    Hello to all of my fellow fixxtures and a special hello to all of the Arizona fixxtures as I am now the newest member of the state. I'm very excited to be here and I'm looking forward to meeting you all at a future show here in the valley. If I remember correctly, the Fixx come here often and I can't wait for the next show. Maybe they can even perform at the events center located at my new employer's, Casino Arizona, in Scottsdale. See ya soon.

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    Hey, Mike, welcome to AZ! Just in time for monsoon season. You've certainly chosen a great place to live (despite the hot weather). I'm sure we'll be meeting up at the next Fixx gig. You know, they will be in Vegas on Saturday, August 26th - that's only 5 hours away for you now! I'm not sure if I'm going to go, only because I'm moving this weekend (from Glendale to east Phoenix), and will be spending lots of $$ on the new house over the next few weeks. It doesn't help that hotel rates are already going up, and I was just up there not more than a month ago. I'll just have to be patient and wait for the next AZ gig.

    Again, welcome, and don't be shy about becoming a local sports fan (rooting for the Suns is required by law, the other teams are up to you).


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    Hello to the folks in ARIDZONA!! hee hee sorry I could not help myself with that!
    I have an Uncle that moved there and it is now about a year that he's there. He has been trying to get the East Coast family to move there. He lives in Maricopa and will be opening an Italian Ice store next month. If you ever heard of Rita's Italian Ices, it is the same, except they will be calling it Teri's Italian Ices. I hope to visit him when I can afford to fly out. Waiting for Jet Blue to have a flight from Newark's Liberty Int'l airport to Phoenix. When does it get cooler there? Stay cool! - Rockerchic

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    If we're lucky, it'll cool down by November (!). It *should* get below 100 by October, but it's been a very hot summer this year (the high a couple of weeks ago ranged from 115 - 118 over a 3-4 day period). The record is 122 (disputed 123), recorded back in 1991.


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    Hey 1002........thanks for the "warm" welcome. The weather is hot, but coming from Florida......not much of a big deal. But so far, so good. We love it here, and I'm lookng forward to meeting you and the rest of the "desert" Fixxtures at a future show. Hopefully that show will be sooner than later. As for Las Vegas, sounds great, but I just started at Casino Arizona and will not be asking for time off so soon. Need to get settled first and pay some bills.

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