I looked at the pictures posted on the first post in this message board, at link http://www.thefixx.com/STREET.shtml , and I had an idea, based on having previously purchased T-Shirts in bulk. Before I discuss further, remember that T-Shirt costs are driven by these factors:

1. Number of T-Shirts purchased (the obvious buy more pay less principle)
2. Number of colors used and number of sides printed. Each additional color increases the cost, because each color causes an additional run by the screening machine. If you want the back printed it will increase cost also. (my idea only uses one color, on one side)
3. Type of T-Shirt purchased. You can go cheap here, but I would not recommend cutting costs by choosing a light weight T-Shirt. Fans will be happy with a quality product. The heavier 6.1 ounce T-shirts are the better ones, and the Gildan Ultra T is the best selling screen print T-Shirt in this class. The Hanes Beefy-T would also be in this same range, but usually is more expensive. Also, white T-Shirts are cheaper than any other color.

Design proposal:
1. Use the logo "The Fixx" shown at the link http://www.thefixx.com/STREET.shtml - the picture in black writing with white background.
2. Use the following website to help you see my example on screen- go to http://www.customink.com and click on the link "For your group or event". Then, click on the link in the bottom left titled "Design Lab". Save the logo from the Fixx website to your hard drive, then upload it to the CustomInk site. Unlock the size parameters (you will see a "locked" box checked), then increase the logo size to 10" x 6.5" and click the "center" button.
3. Purchase 500 or more white T-Shirts with the Black logo on the front only. This keeps screening costs at a minimum, with cost per T-Shirt down to around $4 each.
4. These white T-Shirts could probably sell for $10 to $15, but even at $10 are a $6 profit. This would be an alternative to the higher line items normally sold, while still retaining a decent profit per item.
5. Possible memorabilia aspect: Since its white, with lots of "free" space, it could also be used by fans to get permanent marker signatures from band members along with Fixxtures that they run into at a particular concert. It is a way to capture a memory in Ink.

Possible alternatives: Red T-Shirt, with "The Fixx" logo in white. At that same customink website you can see what the different colors, both T-Shirt and logo, would look like. Cost per T-Shirt for colors other than white, for 500 purchased goes up to around $5 each ($1 more than plain white).

I didn't list all the pros/cons, but I hope this helps to bring in a lower cost clothing item to the band's merchandise table.