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Thread: The Heimo Show

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    The Heimo Show

    So, who's going to The Heimo Show? I call it that because I hear he's coming from Germany for this show!!

    Can't wait to see you buddy! This is the Beacon Theatre show in NY, NY.


    Dr. Roger

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    I wonder if this means I should pick up a ticket for Heimo as well? Let me know for sure, Heimo! The Beacon has ASSIGNED seating. I've been keeping an eye out for when tickets go on sale for this show (should be any time now).

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    Hello Fixxtures, Dear Dr.!

    Yes, I am coming for sure. I booked my flight and am am staying in New York a few days. I will arrive on November, 19th and stay until the 24th. So hope to meet some of you.

    allicat, would be nice if you or any fixxture would be so kind to help me getting a ticket for the show. Thanks a lot.

    Love, Heimo!

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    Oh Heimo - I am so sad that I will not be in attendance. You will have a wonderful time though, with the East Coast FIXXtures.
    ~Bathe In A Turning Tide~

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    Hey Heimo,

    I'll be happy to pick up a ticket for you as well. I figured we'd all want to hang together. You can speak Deutsch with my husband, Kevin.

    Looking forward to meeting you, and The SHOW!!!

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    Looking forward to finally meeting Heimo Now let's hope that Beacon date is solid!

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