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Thread: Fixx coming soon to Sirius New Wave?

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    Fixx coming soon to Sirius New Wave?

    DJ Richard Blade hosts a noontime rewind show on Sirius New Wave channel in which he talks with 80's bands and reminisces and has them choose some songs to play.

    Today, Blade mentioned they hoped to have Jamie and Cy in the studio in the coming weeks to talk and spin some songs.

    If it ever gets cemented on the schedule I hope someone catches it and publicizes it here on the board. I'll do so if I hear anything more about it.

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    good - i have Sirius- seriously!

    Now we can be ONE up on those XM gals who always give us airplay updates! LOL!

    ANyone have concrete on this event... (confirm the time/day???)


    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
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    I remember that Cy and Jamie were on that show last year and there was also an hour interview last Thanksgiving. I do listen quite often to that station so if I hear anything I will be sure to post it on the board.


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