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Thread: Climb that Hill

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    Climb that Hill


    Does anyone know who sings the main vocals for Climb that Hill on the Ink's album? Is it Rup?

    Thanks in advance

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    Ink's liner notes say the lyrics for both "Climb the Hill" and "Yesterday, Today" were written by Adam Woods, which is unusual compared to other albums. I always envisioned Adam having done the spoken vocal of the verses, and Cy performed the chorus.
    Hopefully someone more in the know chimes in for you.
    I've been lurking...

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    Beached Male is correct.

    Jamie starts the song with "To me you're inside out and upside down".

    Adam sings the verses.

    Cy climbs the hill to look you down.

    I would just LOVE to see the following scenario...

    Adam could use a break from behind the drum kit during a show.
    Rupert starts a drum track for Climb The Hill while Adam makes his way out front and grabs a mic. In time with Rupert's drum track Jamie stums out the first chord and sings his lines. Adam takes charge, mic in hand, and opens a door in him. Walking back and forth across the stage Adam burns his lines into the minds of the stunned fans before him.

    Fantasy over.
    Adam once told me it would never happen.

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    Thanks Beached Male and Steve

    Steve I share the same thought it would be great to see Adam from behind the kit just once grab the mic and belt one out, maybe he will have a change of heart one day and our dream would come true?

    Wishful thinking?


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    I would also love to see this happen. Just once seeing Adam on the mic because I love the song!

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    Hey Steve, thanks for the info on this.
    The same question had occurred to me also.

    I really liked the changes on vocals, but just could not figure out who was doing what. Played the song repeatedly and still didn't catch on. But it's great, very clever and well done.

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