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    I have looked all over the music sharing sites and cannot find a copy of "Wish" from Phantoms to download. Can anyone help me out with a free copy?

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    Damn, is the re-issue already a rarity as well? I was going to help this guy out with buying the CD, but it seems to be MIA everywhere.

    Here, imissmom, there are a couple of CDs on eBay. You really should own the whole album, otherwise you're missing out on some other equally great songs:

    Can't hand out the offical stuff for free, sorry mon.


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    Angry Wishing for Wish

    Dear tenohtwo,
    Bummer. I didn't realize it was on the most wanted list. I should have known something was up when I couldn't find it on Limewire. I've never searched for something there and not gotten ANY results. There were several songs from the same album so you'd think the guy would make them all available...hmmmm.
    Yes, I know the entire album well. My boyfriend is a big fan and I had his CD. He doesn't know yet that it was stolen along with the rest of my CDs.
    Thanks anyway...although you could always post it on Limewire yourself...

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    Universal Music Group is hard on the attack on the downloads and public play of their recordings. There are a few CDs available on iTunes, but not all of them. We are trying to convince them to offer the complete catalog, but they do not find it neccessary at this time to re-release those. In the meantime, we always recommend your local used CD shops, as well as eBay and Amazon.

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